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I'm very pleased to announce ...

... That the World Transhumanist Association have decided to award me the 2006 H.G. Wells award for Outstanding Contributions to Transhumanism.

(I'm still not entirely sure why — my contributions are of a purely fictional nature — but I'm pleased as punch; I just regret that I can't be in Helsinki this August to receive the award in person at TransVision 2006.)


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Accelerando combined a lot of data, concepts and known technology into an understandable and forseeable future. Fiction or not, many of your ideas of posthumanism are sound.



I think you've done a good job depicting what a transhuman (or post human) world could look like. Your ideas about a Singularity are even better than Vinge, and he's the one who founded the sub-genre.



I would have named such an award for Olaf Stapledon....


Well that's blown it. You escaped the "Cat guy" tag, you even managed to slide past the "Singularity" guy tag.

You're going to have to work hard to not get stuck with the "Transhumanist guy" label with this award :)


Congratulaions for all your hard work being recognized.

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