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Happy Hogmanay!

Well, there are roughly 88 minutes to go. The party's canceled due to the storm I hear howling around the eaves — the winds are gusting to over 80 miles per hour out of town, I hear, and there's heavy rain — but I've got a comfortable sofa, a black cat sprawled next to me, Queen on auto-repeat on the stereo, a bottle of single malt scotch waiting to be opened, and a novel under the keyboard. (When I'm not goofing off, feeding the blog.)

In a lot of respects, 2006 really sucked. So may you all find the new year, 2007, to be better in every way than 2006!



Yes, our family's happy to see the back-end of 2006 as well. Happy New Year to you and yours, Mr. Stross.

What's your malt of the evening? My wife, bless her, stuffed my stocking with a 28 year old Glenglassaugh and a 39 year old Glen Arbyn. Sublime.


We're digging out from 36 continuous hours of snow... 8-). Well, it's an excuse for hot drinks! Good luck in the new year.


We've gotten a relief from the pouring rain today, so we actually saw the sun, in fact, it was a 3 mountain day from the top of the hill at whose feet we live. This makes up a little for mess when those winds hit us a couple of weeks ago, but I'm sympathetic for your weather.

Good luck in the New Year to all of you; I'll raise a glass of Oregon Pinot Noir to your single malt.


Happy Hogmanay Chalie and Feorag!

It has yet to reach midnight here in Texas, but I will drink to you and all those Back Home when the time comes. (Yep, it gets the capitals, even in thoughts, nowadays.)

Think of poor me sometime, toiling in the 73 degree winter chill :-)

Warmest regards, C


Well it's mid afternoon on a warm sunny New Year's Day in Sydney and so far 2007 ain't no different from 2006. Don't get too excited and you won't be disappointed.


It could have been worse, but that's no excuse not to make 2007 better. Happy Hogmanay!


Feliz a�o nuevo, Carlito, a ti y los tuyos. BTW, the description of the new book sounds quite interesting. I can't give a better complement than that.


Bruce - I trust those are drinks, and not fashion models?

Happy New Year everyone - thanks for your blog, Charlie, it's made very entertaining company this year.


As for the weather in Austria: too warm for the time of year, most definitely. Almost no snow at all. Well, OTOH I was able to raise my glass of Champagne without my fingers being frozen to it. So there's a plus point there.

Anyhow, good 2007 to everyone and many thanks to Charles for the Laundry novels so far, they have entertained me very much.


Colin: I had to show your comment to my wife and she wondered what a Scottish supermodel would look like...she also said, 'In your dreams, pal!'

Thanks for the chuckle, Happy New Year to you - and all - as well.


Can I have a fablab for christmas 2007 please :-)


I'm not too sure about 2006 sucking: the Republicans lost both houses of the US Congress, Rumsfeld quit, and the Idiot Son enters his last two years finally gelded. It would've been nice to retire that sanctimonious chancre Joe Lieberman, but one can't have everything.


Man I'm always late for all the best parties. Happy new year/Hogmanay/Yule all.

Back in the soul sucking workplace and looking forward to the next holiday.


Like Serraphin, I'm also late to the good parties.

I hope you all have a happy New Year.

Myself, I get to take over the care and feeding of a large scale application written in Classic ASP with boatloads of dynamically generated JavaScript.



I agree about 2006 sucking! Hope things pick up in 2007!



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