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2009 Redux

Working today. (What, you thought I took Christmas off work? Hardly — but I've been lying on my back panting for the past week, having finished the first half third of "Rule 34", and you've got to go back to work sooner or later ...)

Meanwhile, unearthed from the archives for your delectation, here are some of the more significant of 2009's 147 blog entries for you to marvel at (or mock). Feel free to poke me via the comments ...

Actually, that's just the first half of 2009. I'll get around to the back end of the year tomorrow. Really must see about bolting that non-fiction book together ...



From someone else who's (kinda) working today, Season's Greetings and thanks for all the reading fun.


Merry Christmas, Charlie.:) I do get the day off! Tomorrow, I get to put out Valentine's Day stuff & say "No, you can't return it, because we don't sell those here.". Maybe, I should have suggested the Joys of Retail in your previous Topic?


Happy Newtonmass.


Happy whatevers! We did our delayed solstice celebration yesterday, so today is just no-stress relaxing. 's been a good year to look back on, meaning not necessarily while it was happening.


Just an errant thought ....

Dark Ages - which is why I WON'T go for supposed multi-purpose gadgets that do neither job properly. And try to use APPROPRIATE technology - which may be very old (by present standards). For instance I keep my camera and my 'phone separate. And I won't have a TV in the house.

Technology timeline ...
Good camera at age 14 - able to take good pics of STEAN locomotives! We were the first house in our road to have a TV (1953) and the first to discard it (1978?) Working with REAL core store - an IBM "mainframe" taking 80-chars-per line FORTRAN IV input.
Decent record deck very late.
First HOME computer 1995, mobile phone 1997(?) ...

21st C ... Unless we are very lucky, the islamist fascist nutters wil let off a nuke in Tel Aviv (or even Jerusalem, given their millenial tendencies)
Ditto rising sea levels, because Big Oil are paying the louder "Skeptics" on AGW.

"Halting State" - well, yes - and the comments about "Tales from the WHite Hart" redux in another thread.

Gaming in 2030. Uh?


Ahh it's been a grand year in your blography.

Happy Festivus.



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