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Common Misconceptions About Publishing

UPDATED (22-November-2013)

A while back I did a series of postings on the topic of Common Misconceptions About Publishing.

Here they are:

  • The publishing industry, and how it's structured

  • How books are made

  • What authors sell to publishers

  • Territories, translations, and foreign rights

  • Why books are the length they are

  • "Why did you pick such an awful cover?"

  • Miscellanea

  • Lifestyle or Job

  • ebooks (circa 2010)

  • Understanting Amazon's ebook strategy (circa April 2012)

  • More on DRM and ebooks (circa May 2012)

  • Things publishers can't do (yet) (How supply chain contracts limit booksellers' operations)

  • Why I don't self-publish (Note: the title does not read, "why you should not self-publish")

  • Why Microsoft Word must die

  • Why I [still have to] use Microsoft Word (even though I hate it)

  • "Why can't I find audio editions of your books in the UK?"



    Really looking forward to it. It's an excellent series.

    Have a safe trip.


    Good luck on recovery. I wish you the best. And I've already directed people to your series on publishing and the writer's place in it.

    Get home soon, I know how anxious-making that is,


    On the subject of awful book covers, I draw your attention to "Good Show Sir" -- a collection point for bad SF and Fantasy book covers. There are some wondrous and disturbing things there. (Warning: major time eater!)



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