• Commented on Service announcement: upcoming outage(s)
    HTTPS is definitely a good idea on your website, since people need to log into post comments. Sending unprotected passwords is dangerous because most people use the same passwords on multiple sites, and it's reasonably easy to intercept passwords over...
  • Commented on Spoiler Thread
    Page 130 Mention is made of 'The two with bite marks' I may have missed something but I don't think there's mention of bite marks anywhere previously. This happened while they were experimenting, so I assumed this was part of...
  • Commented on Some rambling thoughts on region restrictions
    It seems like releasing an ebook 6 months later in the US than the UK would make the US publisher lose a lot of money. Can't I just buy the book from Amazon UK? It's not like I have to...
  • Commented on An interim report from the coal face
    I could tell you what I'm going to write next, but you'd steal my ideas. (Planet Earth calling: ideas make up 1% of the job, execution is the other 99%.) Reminds me of video games. "I have this great idea...
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