• Commented on Spoiler Thread
    I don't usually post here, though I'm a regular lurker. I do feel a need to comment on the PHANG acronym. Phang happens to be my surname, so I'm feeling a little bit paranoid, as if I've been injected into...
  • Commented on Polemic: how readers will discover books in future
    Behold (probably already known to OGH's knowledgeable readers) Philip M. Parker. He has automated the composition of his ridiculously esoteric titles, collecting the contents by spidering the Web and mining professional databases. A few luckless researchers or librarians sometimes buy...
  • Commented on Always Look on the Bright Side of... SF
    I'm sure you have noticed this before, but YA SF and SF written by authors who are not genre SF authors tend to be much darker, termed "dystopian" by easily impressed non-SF reviewers. Think Margaret Atwood (or, a generation ago,...
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