• Commented on Why AIs Won't Ascend in the Blink of an Eye - Some Math
    I'm not referring to the original observation of transistor count doubling, but of the more general trend that computer processing speeds double every eighteen months....
  • Commented on Why AIs Won't Ascend in the Blink of an Eye - Some Math
    Any chance you could create a set of graphs that would take into account Moore's law? Also, what effect do you get from duplication? If there were 1,000 Einsteins or Hawkings, is the net effect greater than having one Einstein...
  • Commented on The Singularity Is Further Than It Appears
    Great article, Ramez. I respectfully disagree with some of your conclusions, and wrote up a few of my thoughts: http://www.williamhertling.com/2014/02/the-singularity-is-still-closer-than-it.html Thanks, Will...
  • Commented on Introducing new guest blogger: Ramez Naam
    Welcome Ramez!...
  • Commented on Genre award awareness
    Thanks Charlie! My name is William Hertling, and I have one new work this year, The Last Firewall. This near-term scifi book about artificial intelligence and social reputation is eligible for the Best Novel award. You can read more about...
  • Commented on Why I don't self-publish
    I'm not sure where the money goes, but I'm sure it's a different economic landscape for self-publishing vs. traditional. From March 2012 to February 2013, I sold 18,998 self-published books. The total gross sales (e.g. price to end buyer) was...
  • Commented on Why I don't self-publish
    The only sane way to do it would be to hire someone else to do all the boring crap on my behalf. And do you know what we call people who do that? We call them publishers. Well, yes and...
  • Commented on The Anthropic Stupidity Hypothesis
    Maybe I am just restating what you said, but I see two aspects to this: Evolution is shooting for a level of intelligence that enhances survival. If you look at hunter-gatherer tribes, there isn't a huge need for physicists, neuro-surgeons,...
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