• Commented on Sucker bet (a thought experiment)
    I agree with other commenters that changing the media paradigm is a good way to go; I'm not sure the optimal way to go about it. For one thing, any media revamp that's not just changing the name of the...
  • Commented on That "Annihilation Score" spoiler thread you're all asking for
    what I found jarring - though obvious in hindsight - was the immediate and blindingly fast plummet of Mo off the pedestal that she inhabits when seen from Bob's point of view. Especially when I read her fantasizing about Lecter...
  • Commented on Terry Pratchett
    In reference to "GNU Terry Pratchett" in internet headers: I say "Internet" because things have gone a bit Quantum and have moved well beyond the realm of merely web headers. As well as instructions for nearly every web server, web...
  • Commented on Some rambling thoughts on region restrictions
    Lois McMaster Bujold recently had her ebook licensing expire and is now managing all ebook sales herself. However I suspect that was a _VERY_ old deal and not generally an option under most circumstances. It's also a slightly odd situation...
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