• Commented on Competition Time!
    Sorry, left out the classifications: Classification: Remote device, counter-magic...
  • Commented on Competition Time!
    Remote Anti-Transcendental Field Generator (RATFiG) This device is used to neutralize summoning grids and and other hazards whose curve geometry definitions rely on pi. RATFiG works by changing pi from a transcendental number to a rational one (i.e., it allows...
  • Commented on Updating a classic
    Because data retention is so damned important, every time that vendors update their formats or come out with major revisions of their software, require that employees open all of their files with the new version and re-save it natively to...
  • Commented on Cloud cuckoo politics
    Call me paranoid, but his proposition seems so dangerously ludicrous that it looks to be intentional. To wit, he'll walk back his drastic proposal to something that is relatively more "reasonable", which will be the unstated thing he really wanted...
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