Jeff R.

Jeff R.

  • Commented on CASE NIGHTMARE BLONDE, Part 2
    How does a post-Brexit Scotland independence movement get around the fact that Spain will never allow such a nation into the EU; will at the very least provide decades worth of roadblocks and obstruction?...
  • Commented on Someone please cancel 2019 already?
    Trying to keep money out of politics is like draining the ocean, not going to happen unless you end up getting rid of money or getting rid of politics first. Better to harness it. Unlimited donations, with transparency, and taxed...
  • Commented on Rise Of The Trollbot
    It occurs to be that online acquaintances met while gaming (particularly, in the sort of games in which coordination through voice chat is the norm) are more likely to be human, and this is likely to remain the case for...
  • Commented on Towards a taxonomy of cliches in Space Opera
    Most planets have populations in the single-digit millions, usually spread over a dozen or so cities, but are somehow able to maintain successful economies of any given level of technology. Then there's that one planet with trillions or quadrillions somehow...
  • Commented on Who Got Fantasy in My Science Fiction?
    The real thing about Psi is, well, apart from the uses that are now largely obsoleted by cell phones and instant messaging, what we are left with is telekinesis, which was always even more scientifically stupid than even the rest...
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