• Commented on Test Case
    Honestly, I feel like the legal merits are going to be pretty irrelevant in this case. Public outrage will demand action, and going after the corporations involved is a nightmare of jurisdictions and would potentially be very disruptive to the...
  • Commented on Unforeseen Consequences and that 1929 vibe
    I'd expect the impact of malware / javascript mining on energy consumption to be minimal - those pcs are running anyway. I guess a busy cpu might be working on higher voltage than when semi-idling? But I wouldn't expect this...
  • Commented on Unforeseen Consequences and that 1929 vibe
    How do transaction fees work? I mean, I always use them against anybody claiming the old "Bitcoin is free to use" bit, which it isn't, because electricity, but also because transaction fees is a field in a Bitcoin transaction and...
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