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More holding pattern ...

Trying to get the CSS and spam filtering setup sorted out here, folks. If you can see this entry, though, it means the new blogging software is mostly alive and kicking.

Click this link for the old blog.



And if you can see this, it means that comments are in business.


It's alive! It's alive!

(Fetch the torches!)


Hi Charlie,

While you're twiddling with the CSS, would you consider making the text size relative instead of absolute? There's a reason my default font size is 20, dammit! (High screen resolution without keener-than-average eyesight, in my case.) ;-)

I usually don't bother webmasters with it, but if you're working on the CSS anyway, I thought I'd give it a shot :-)

Thanks, - Benja


Benja: it's under way. We're starting from Movable Type's default style sheet, which is a bletcherous mess. Feorag's working on making it all relative (and hopefully more readable and less dependent on silly browser hackery to get around bugs in Internet Explorer).


Great, thanks! - Benja


For some reason, the RSS feed appears to be in ascending chronological order, rather than descending - 13th June post, 15th June post, 19:40 and 20:55. I expect the opposite.


Sam: not according to NetNewswire, or my reading of the raw (ick) XML in index.xml. What tool are you looking at it with? Could you have set some kind of sorting option?


Noice. A redesign is as good as a holiday! (I say that purely to make you laugh)

Speaking of holidays, looking forward to seeing you in a month-ish.


Hmmm - it's probably something weird to do with the transition from old blog to new blog (I'm using NetNewsWire as well). New posts are in expected order.



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