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Daily observation

It is remarkable that the purchase of a single mobile air conditioning unit can cause a heat wave to break.

If I could figure out how to do this consistently, I'd patent the business practice and make myself a billionaire ...

(Meanwhile, I'm back home and recovering from the long drive. Must start working and blogging again, in that order.)


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Um, what other factors changed? Did you in fact change location? Perhaps moving from the hot, sunny South to the wet, rainy North?


Well, Edinburgh's already been over my comfort threshold for temperature twice this year so far, so laying in aircon for the office -- for the inevitable reprise -- seemed prudent. But yes, there was a short road trip inolved.


Occam's Razor suggests that the change in weather might be more to do with the change in location that with your high-end aircon :)

However, there's plenty of muggy "summer" left. If it handles humidity, the aircon will be worth it.


This is based on the same effect as saying "lets have a Barbeque". Once the B word is mentioned, the prospect of torrential rain increases significantly, no matter how good the current conditions. On last Sunday, the rain hit at 2:30pm, when everyone was due at 3.

Hot sunny weather is great (though uncommon in scotland) but if you have work to do, find cool shaded conditions with minimal disruptions. This can be a tall order, but anything else (for me) is much less effective in getting stuff done.


However, today's weather forecast for Edinburgh says it may peak at 26 degrees, with 70% humidity. So at least I'm equipped for it ...


How do you KNOW it was your airconditioning unit that broke the heatwave (and it certainly hasn't broken 100 odd (very odd) miles south)? It can't be that you're THE special one, 'cos we all know that's Mr Mourinho. Or are you extending your paranoia to naturally occurring phenomena? Unless they aren't naturally occurring phenomena. Do you know something about the weather that you aren't telling us (yet)? I HATE this weather. Just wring me out and hang me on the line to dry.


Charlie, do you have a "wormhole" link from your aircon condensation unit through to Wimbledon?

However, surely it is better to be warm (if a little dishevelled) than cold and damp (speaking as a Glaswegian who lives in Yorkshire, I have plenty of experience of cold and damp)


I've noticed that going out to wash the car has a similar effect, but with rain.


What are you, American? Don't you realise the disasterous effects of the power consumption of those things?


I keep mine running all day, as well as a fan, so there's a nice cool breeze when I open the door.

I do wish I had central air though, it's even cooler as well as more efficient.

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