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Non-realtime egoboo

I am pleased to report that I am told that my novels, "The Family Trade", "The Hidden Family", and "The Clan Corporate" have collectively been nominated for the Sidewise Award for alternate history.

UPDATE: Two of my novels are finalists in the Locus awards — "Glasshouse" in the list for best SF novel, and "The Jennifer Morgue" in the list for best fantasy novel — and "Missile Gap" is in the list for best novella!




I'm actually holding off on reading #3 until #4 and #5 are available. However I did read TJM last week, very funny.


Congratulations, sir, on the much deserved praise.


Excellent news. Take a couple of bows, and let's all give a chorus of huzzahs; you deserve it, Charlie.


As they say about Tegmark, if he's right about the multiverse, he'll win a Nobel Prize. And not win a Nobel Prize.

I confidently predict that you will win a Sidewise Award for alternate history. And not win a Sidewise Award. That means both a golden and a silver thingie for your badge, and two different parties to attend.


Your definitely deserve the honor. I love your 'Family Trade' series.



More praise easily deserved! It's compared to Zelasny on the cover, but it's way better IMO. I was surprised just how good it is!! :-D




Way better? It isn't even finished. It is good, and our host hasn't me down with a novel yet, but the end could still suck. :)


Very good news. Congrates dude. It's nice to see that such modern-style writing is now being considered. All three are solid. I hope you hat-trick.


I am very disturbed about not being able to find missile gap on eMule and similar venues. Oh well, I'm sure it'll get there eventually.


David @11: Watch This Space. Seriously. (Announcement coming soon ...)


BlueTyson. I read the first two "Amber" books and got bored. I've read the first two Merchant Princes books and I want more. So even if there's a sucky ending, Merchant Princes still wins by points... :P



No chance you get tired of all this adulation & recognition?


Woah - that's gotta stoke the ego :)

Remember the little people who got you there come IPO eh?


Well done Charlie.

But I thought the Jennifer Morgue was based on real life?


guthrie, brain-sucking PowerPoint presentations are in no way related to anything in real life. Oh no never.


Listen Charlie,

So your up for all these awards? Swell.

Get back to the word processor & WRITE, dammit!

Must. Have. More. Bob. Howard. Soon.


"guthrie, brain-sucking PowerPoint presentations are in no way related to anything in real life. Oh no never."

Posted by: Nix

True. A PPP can't possess somebody; it'd just suck all IQ from them - a zombification. The trick is that a really bad one would take somebody into negative IQ, where talking to a normal person would eat their IQ as well, leading to more zombies. Instead of spreading through biting, it'd be a tidier process.


Hey, speaking of alternate reality awards check this out



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