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"Vote for me, or I'll shoot this photograph of a kitten"

If you're registered as a member of this year's world science fiction convention (Nippon 2007), you're entitled to vote for the Hugo awards.

All votes must be received by Midnight (2359hrs), Pacific Standard Time on Tuesday, July 31, 2007.

You can vote online here.

(Declaration of interest: yes, I'm on the ballot. No, I'm not telling you who to vote for. But the more eligible voters who vote, the better. You may also want to note that it's an alternative preference ballot, i.e. you rank your choices in order of preference -- even voting for one of the contenders as your fifth choice may help it win, if there's no outright victor in the first through fourth runoffs.)

And now for that photograph of a kitten:

cute kitten



What a cute pussy-kitten! Is it yours?

You are such a vote whore!(that's a joke!) I'm sure I could look it up, but is there a short answer to: "How does one become entitled to vote?" Don't you have to be published? In which case, unless someone buys some of my stuff real fast, I won't be able to vote.

Have you sent the voters a free copy of your book, along with a special something in the book jacket (like money)? Buying votes is a British and American tradition!

All kidding aside, I'm willing to bet that you'll win just because your stuff is that good.



Jeff, Charlie left out one condition - you also have to mail me the $500 voting registration fee. This is handled separately from WorldCon registration, for purposes of enriching me.


Good luck on the voting - I just finished Glasshouse and enjoyed it. "Full of win" as the kids say these days...

Cute photo. Am I a hopeless internet junkie for looking at that and immediately thinking of the lolcat caption "I has a flavor"?


Very cute Scottish Fold. Or do you just call them Folds?


It's not my photograph of a kitten. (What! You think I'd shoot my own snapshots?)


Pfft. I'll see your vague threat to a cat picture and raise you by an actually threatening photo of a kitten.

Vote for Vinge or we hit the button marked "puree"...


Sorry - photo here.


Shades of National Lampoon -


Didn't Dudley Moore and Peter Cook do something similar way back in the day?


James: before my time.


I'm not registered to vote, but in the name of Humanity don't hurt the photograph...


If Glasshouse is anything close to the level of your previous books I'm sure you have a very good chance of winning without threatening the cutest picture of a cat known to mankind.


And I can't vote, so no comment on anything else :)


Kill the kitten ... Kill the kitten ... Kill the kitten ...


On a somethat unrelated subject, this is truly the end of an era. I am shaken to my core. We had a subscription to this for ~3 years at a software company where I worked -- we discontinued it when we realized that most of the stories we had already read 3 years before.


I'm not eligible to vote, but I'm quite willing to lobby anyone who'll listen to vote for Glasshouse. I think I can scare up a few dead SF fans to vote for you too, in true Kansas City style.


I was only 80-odd pages into Glasshouse when I put it down, went to a bookstore, purchased and shipped a copy to a friend living in Beijing.

It's so good it simply demands to be shared.

Hope you win Charlie!


I actually clicked on the link provided and answered my own question! I can vote for $260.00. Which seems a bit high, since I won't be jetting off to Nippon to attend. Although it does look like a great place to have an SF con. That much time in the air would drive me crazy.



Charlie, you wouldn't happen to be taking the shinkansen to Osaka (I dunno, book signings or something, I owe you a purchase of The Atrocity Archive in any case), would you? It's doable from where I am, anything Tokyowards is more difficult.




Do you have another it would make I nice pair of slippers!


Melanie, I think you'd find the photographic paper a bit slippery and uncomfortable on your feet.

And I didn't say what I was planning on shooting the photo of the cute kittie with, did I? How would a digital camera suit you?


Besides which - you can never be sure if the cute kitten is closely related to the "Kindred Anarachist Totalarian" group.

Who are, of course, engineering the world as their sandbox.


Okay, I voted. Is the kittie's photo safe? I only voted to save the kittiepic, you know.


"I think you'd find the photographic paper a bit slippery and uncomfortable on your feet."

Ha ha ha...And some people say British humor is too dry.


Will you tell us if you win? i think you should win just because you have a picture of a really cute kittie. The really good writing is just an added bonus.



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