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Convention diary

I'm really going to have to add a public events sidebar to this blog, just as soon as I have time to poke around in search of Movable Type widgets designed for the job ...

Meanwhile, I'm very happy to announce two engagements for 2010:

Firstly, I'm due to be the English-language guest of honour at HAL-Con in Tokyo, Japan, from April 10th to 11th, 2010. HAL-Con is a bilingual English/Japanese SF convention (run by the team of SF fans who are hoping to host the next Japanese world science fiction convention in 2017).

(It's going to be fun getting there: HAL-Con is the weekend after the British Eastercon, which by pure happenstance is being held this year at the Radisson hotel at Heathrow. I foresee two consecutive convention weekends separated by a long-haul flight ...)

Secondly, I'm really pleased to announce that I'm one of the guests of honour at Readercon (along with Nalo Hopkinson), from July 8th to 11th 2010 in Burlington, MA (just outside Boston). Readercon is basically the SF convention for talking about SF as literature, and I'm very happy to be going there!



Oh, Readercon! That is good news! I'll see you there, then. Are you doing Boskone as well?


Boskone: probably. (Not definite: I'm not hauling my ass to Japan and not taking an extra week or two for sightseeing, so I may be saving my pennies. I guess it all depends on the Yen/Sterling exchange rate ...)


I hope I'm not buzzed off for deviation, but I'm halfway through Saturn's Children at the moment and finding it quite an addictive read. I can't wait to get home, put the children to bed, feed the dog, and find out what happens next...


Excellent, Readercon is in my neck of the woods.


Personally I'm looking forward to seeing you much sooner at Fantasticon in Copenhagen the weekend after next. Jakob Drud [returning to lurking mode]


Sorry if this is off-topic, but since Charlie's discussion with Paul Krugman was a topic not too long ago, here is a link to an article he wrote in 1996 which was written from the point of view of someone alive in 2096 and looking back at the previous 100 years.

There is also an interesting discussion of the article here:



So I'm not the only one who didn't leave a single byte of Paul's homepage untouched after his chat with our host?


Get to Japan a few days early if you can: late March/early April is cherry blossom season in Tokyo, but the flowers are usually pretty much over by the 10th. The whole city turns pink for a single week - it's an amazing sight.



So four out of five of the Guests of Honor are to be killed, then?

At least you should have some stimulating games of chess.

Remember to bring your helmet.




Great news about Readercon. That is my favorite convention.


Pity you couldn't get the Heathrow Hilton, the only hotel that comes with J.G. Ballard's recommendation.



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