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What the internet is made of.

NB: The "singularity" word is uttered at two minutes and six seconds in ...

In other news, I just received a bunch of author copies of the paperback of The Revolution Business, so if you order it now it should be with you shortly. (Amazon say February 2nd.)

I'm hitting the road tomorrow so blogging will be sparse until next week. Play nice!



Think of all that loose fur from a feline singularity.


"Play nice!"

And don't do anything that will make God kill kittens.


Damn you, now that chorus is going to be stuck in my head for WEEKS.


I'm not quite sure what to say......


So, how was I getting online before 2001?

Meanwhile over at

they have covers for "The Fuller Memorandum", and a somewhat different cover for "Trade of Queens". Or am I spoiling things?

When will "The Revolution Business" be in stores? Not that I need an excuse to go.



JamesPadraicR: I like the Fuller Memorandum cover, but where the hell did they get the description from?!?

Let's just say that it doesn't spoiler anything because it looks like someone at Ace leaked the original book proposal, and the novel-as-written is rather (cough) different.


Will there be a simultaneous release - or releases - in "e" (ebook format)?


Kevin: I have no goddamn idea. I do not dictate what my publishers do with the ebook rights that they buy. I expect that Ace and Orbit will release ebooks at a stratospheric price when they publish the hardcover -- so as not to "cannibalize the hardcover market" -- and then cut the price to something more reasonable a year down the line, when the paperback is out. But I don't know for sure.


Touched a nerve, eh? Well, I was only askin', because I virtually only buy ebooks now (mainly due to space constraints - I hate getting rid of books), and none of the main players seem to show their ebook publication schedules, and none of the major sellers list "forthcoming" ebooks - marketing opportunities being missed, again, all over. T'was ever thus . . . I guess I just have to wait (and wait and wait). Ho hum


Kevin: I find the lack of information I get on ebook releases from my publishers highly annoying, so yes, it hit a nerve.

I expect it to change within the next year, though.


Right. Within a year, eh? Well, here's hoping.

Loved the video btw


I was too busy looking at the covers to notice the description. I was just afraid I was jumping the gun, since you seem to like announcing the new covers here.


My day has been suck so far, but that made me smile. awesome.


Well, obviously, there were no cats, so what you were getting online to was not, in fact, Teh Internets As We No Dem. KTHNXBAI.


I am teh Es-cat-thun. Don't mess wid spaistime! iz mine!


Not been a great day today and this video really put a smile on my face. Thanks.


I've just re-read (the hardback of" the Revolution Business.

Now I want the next one.


Heh. The Dread Feline Overlords have come...


No-one's yet mentioned Aineko?


OpenAineko 2.3.1>

FATAL ERROR: OUT OF BRAINS Decerebrate another kitten and try again.


John Morales @20

That would be "The Singularity is made of cats."


Es-cat-thun! I think I broke my laugh organs.


This is off topic for this thread, but not for this site... Has anybody here seen this yet:


The level of detail with which Dr. Hunter answers engineering questions is amazing. I've seen a lot of space exploration pipe dreams but this one looks like it might really pan out. And if it does, hoo boy are things gonna change.


Speaking of books... Last weekend I was in Foyle's in London, where I bought some books. I saw a hardcover of Wireless. I didn't buy it, since I found it too badly printed(!). There were visible streaks of ink across one or several pages near the beginning (in both copies that were there). I'm not paying premium prices for such sloppy printing. Somebody ought to complain to the publisher.

Apart from that, they had a handful of your titles, several copies of each, so I got Glasshouse and Halting State.

(oh, still can't post without evil javascript enabled)


JamesPadraicR, back before 2001, the Internet was much worse because it was merely mice and foobars. I'm sure you can see that's not the same thing atall. And, trust me, you don't even want to know what it was before 1988. ;-)

Charlie, I notice you usually seem to have a Texas reference/prop somewhere in most of your novels. Today I was reminded when I started a new copy of "The Jennifer Morgue" at a Borders in South Austin. Sure enough, right at the start was Texas. Living in Austin, Texas has made me curious how a Scot came by that practice.


I have occasionally suspected that the Internet is made of prats. I like this version better!



so if you order it now it should be with you shortly. (Amazon say February 2nd.)

I assume you've heard about the Amazon-McMillan spat which has Amazon pulling out every single McMillan book for its inventory (including your Tor-published books)?

Your link shows that the books no longer are available (except second hand for the hardcover) for the time being.


Vincent Archer @28: If you take a look at Charlie's US Buy My Books page, you will find it has strangely, and mysteriously changed all of a sudden.


FeĆ²rag: there's a (to me) rather glaring typo on that page you might wish to fix: 'papaerback'.


bellinghman @ 30: aaargh! Thanks. It's fixed now.


Jon @26, & ChrisL @15, Well, I was still using dialup back then, so was blissfully ignorant of such things.


Jon: from a British perspective, Texas -- not California -- is the archetype of weird.



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