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Holding pattern

Right now I'm holed up in an air-conditioned hotel room, huddled away from the scalding inferno that is Boston in a heat wave (it's due to hit 33 degrees tomorrow). I'm flying home overnight on Friday, so liable to be in a zombie-like stupor through Saturday and Sunday. Can not haz final beer tonight: I managed to twist my ankle while out walking this afternoon, and while it's not a bad sprain (I can walk on it) I don't want to risk provoking it before I lug self plus luggage through the limbo of Logan Airport.

One noteworthy point that has emerged from this trip is that I am, indeed, capable of spending ten days away from home with an iPad instead of a laptop. The day before we left, my desktop machine ate its hard drive. (Do not worry: there is an up-to-date backup, and a replacement drive in my hand luggage waiting to be installed when I get home.) And my iTunes library is too big to live on my Macbook Air. So I figured I'd give the iPad an extended test, and it's come through fine.

As you can see, I can blog from it. (The keyboard dock helps, though.) I can do regular email chores, too. I haven't been using it for serious writing work, but I managed to get down the outline of a short story that I'll probably write when I get home. All in all, it's nicer than any netbook I've travelled with. While there are rumours circulating that Apple are going to release a new, smaller Macbook Air this autumn, I think the iPad is still likely to occupy the sweet spot for Apple portability. However, I think I will chicken out and take a laptop as well when I head for worldcon this August/September — I'll be gone for over three weeks, and I reckon two weeks is probably the pain threshold for not having a real computer on tap.

(Stuff I can't do with the iPad? Buy DVDs and rip them. Research-driven writing that requires me to have a multi-tabbed browser and a word processing app open simultaneously (although iOS 4 should go most of the way towards fixing that). Carry around my entire 70Gb iTunes library. Browse the really annoying websites that throw up so many ads that I need AdBlock Plus or NoScript to read them. Manage the Airport Express wifi router I keep in my travel kit. Plus some other stuff that, on average, I do less than once every two weeks — write code, play desktop games, that sort of thing.)

Final note: I've been doing so much R&R style tourism stuff that I haven't been soaking up enough crazy ideas to blog substantively about anything. So it may take a few days before normal service is resumed. Feel free to talk among yourselves in the meantime ...



Get a cane, at any drug store about $25, ask for wheel chair assistance when you get to check in. If you have trouble walking, you don't need to stand in line for the security theatre.

with an iPad instead of a laptop

That pleases me, obviously :).


Pre-ordered The Fuller Memorandum from Amazon, and finally got the time to read it over the weekend. A fun and fascinating read. Looking forward to the next installment. Thank you!


Go you on getting some touristy R&R. You work hard, you deserve a bit of fun!

Seriously, hope your ankle heals okay and your travels go smoothly.

I'm getting more and more sold on getting an iPad for miscellaneous travel, etc. With its external keyboard.


Atomic Browser for the iPad ($0.99) has real tabs and has a pretty good ad blocker built in. It is occasionally crashy but still good enough for me to use it as my main browser

(& no, I'm in no way associated with the people who make the app)


Thanks for signing at Pandemonium! It's always a pleasure to hear you read.

I was describing the reading to a friend and I used the phrase "Nerd Made Flesh". I figured I must have picked it up from somewhere, but Google shows only one hit. So I dub the Nerd Made Flesh. :-)


I'd take 33 degrees and low humidity over 28 degrees with high humidity, any day. (I'm assuming here; feel free to correct me.)

My copy of the Fuller Memorandum arrived from Edinburgh a couple of days ago; I'm about a quarter through it. The hints at what is to come in the series ... suffice to say that my wallet is open, help yourself, there's plenty more where that came from. This stuff is deliciously dark; I haven't enjoyed something so thoroughly since Eternal Darkness.


70GB? Really? That must be an awful lot of music. I'd be interested in anyone whose media library is that large to elaborate on the breakdown, as my library has never exceeded 10GB or so.


My iTunes library is:

  • 17.8gbytes music (includes music videos)
  • 2.44gbytes movies
  • 73.9gbyes TV shows
  • 2.43gbytes podcasts (all video podcasts)
  • 79.5mbytes books

I'm not that much into music; I hardly ever add to it. So 70gbytes of music doesn't impress me too much. (I know people who work in a music industry, and at least one of them has over a terabyte of music in his iTunes library. And a large selection of iPods.)


33 C is a "scalding inferno?"

We've been close to 37 already this year in mild Portland, Oregon.


Another question, Charlie: Do you actually like iTunes? I find it a bloated sack of poo.


33 C isn't that bad... it starts getting bad when you hit 36-37 with >50% humidity. As in, yesterday here. Thank $DEITY we're set to have some cloud cover today.


33C is the highest temperature ever reached in Ireland and Edinburgh is further north. I could tolerate 33c so long as the humidity was low.

I like so many music genres I've stopped looking at how many Gbytes I have but it's a lot more than the biggest mp3 player can hold. Thankfuly I don't have to use iTunes.

14: 1 "...stand in line for the security placebo".

I've never had much time for airport "security" since queueing behind a guy wearing expensive hand-made Italian loafers, and a woman wearing 4" wedges, whils wearing flat-heeled trainers myself. Both of us males had to have our shoes x-rayed, and the woman didn't, despite having space in her heels for about a kilo of C4 where the 2 males might have managed 100g between us.


Welcome to summer in the United States; just remember, it could be worse!


I don't use iTunes (my wife does, but she hates it), but our joint collection is running at about 60GB of MP3s.

I rip CDs to FLAC (the CDs then go up to the attic). I then convert to 320 kbps MP3 for the actual players. Yes, it's a lot of music, but the Complete Mozart, for example, is 170 CDs. The Complete Bach is another 155 CDs. At roughly 15 CDs per GB, that eats space.

(I'm more of an Indie man, myself, but herself doesn't think much of music later than 1791, with the exception of her beloved Beatles.)


'That must be an awful lot of music'

... and while logging in to make my previous comment, I lost the reply link to cjeam's original question.


It's very simple; I don't like the crappy audio quality of 128kb/s mp3, so I tend to buy CD's and rip lossless or at 320kb/s VVR. Which makes for bigger files. (I tend to listen to music in some genres where the psychoacoustic model of mp3 mistakes music for noise and edits it out, especially at low bit rates.)


ITunes is indeed a bloated pile of poo that needs to be replaced from the ground up with something better.

Somehow, I do not imagine Apple are unaware of this ...


Get well soon, Charlie!

This is totally off-topic, but I recently wrote a blog post about Scottish independence, and some preconditions an argument for it would have to satisfy to convince me (to do with North Sea oil, EU accession and Sean Connery). Mili Popova pointed out that you would no doubt have interesting things to say on the subject, and suggested that I ask you. So, I'd be very grateful if you (and perhaps some of the other folks around here?) were to comment.


I have iTunes for the kids' iPods - and frankly I'm another who can barely stand it.

Apple tends to work on what I call a "tool-focused" approach with their consumer products, and I'm "object-focused," and the two approaches don't work well together.

It all comes down to how people approach working with files (in this case, though it can apply outside the computer space). Some people prefer to open an application to start, the tool, and then use it to open the files they want to work on. Others prefer to start with the file, and then open the applications they want to use on it.

Most Apple consumer products work very well for people with the first mindset; not so well for those of us who look at things the other way.

That's one reason for the cries for file system access - object-focused people want to see the files before the apps and they can't.

It does makes sense for the whole "curated computing model." I can see that even if I don't like it. I just find it more trouble than it's worth sometimes.

Even so, I still really want an iPad - I just wish Apple catered more to people who think the way I do.


Actually, I do use some 128 kbps MP3s. But only in the car, where the reduction in sound quality becomes less important than the ability to get more capacity out of 6 CDs of data.

(What I actually want is a car player that receives DAB, understands my steering column, and will read SDHC cards. Last time I looked, nothing fit the bill.)


About halfway through the Fuller Memorandum right now, and enjoying it as much as all your other books so far. What's been bothering me though, is that the day before it showed up in the post I was wasting my companies time by reading loads of stuff about Lightnings, and I'd started off on that track by reading about, ahem, 'alternative uses' for the 'big white ones'. (hope I've avoided spoilers there).

So, respectfully, please get the fuck out of my head.



Loving "Fuller Memorandum", but, a question; when does RPG come out so I can spend more bucks on cool stuff?


Charlie: Perspective is everything. 33 degrees is no day at the beach, but you should try it in navy blue poly/wool w/body armor underneath. Great time at Pandemonium the other night. Really enjoyed the reading and Q&A following, and thanks for the signed books. TFM's dark turn (pitch black in places) was welcome after the seaside hijinks of Jennifer Morgue-and the last line was just perfect. T-minus two years and counting down to Apocalypse Codex...thank God (of your choice, of course) for the success of TFM.


Ahem: I wrote TFM about 18-24 months ago, so I'm way ahead of you :-)


I just picked up a wifi iPad the other day, and I really like it. The major selling point for me, however, was the dock keyboard (not the bluetooth one), because it's really portable, and it allows me to type as I would on a normal keyboard. I haven't tried out blogposts yet, but at some point, I will.


Finished The Fuller Memorandum last night, whilst being imprecated by a black cat who felt I was being insufficiently attentive.

I felt the introduction was a masterpiece of misdirection, and that the creepy bits were indeed creepy.

While I appreciate further information on the nature and peculiarity of Bob's selective thicknesses, it does rather leave me wondering just how he not so much got that way as developed the predilection to get that way, pre-Laundry.


This is off topic but I thought I should share. Since last week Bulgaria is part of Civilization. I took a chance and ordered a book from The Book Depository, a UK site who advertise delivery to here, and they delivered it in under a week to my small town address. You can not imagine how amazed I was. I am, right now, ordering The Fuller Memorandum.


If you're putting CDs into the attic for storage they may not last too long. Attics heat up rapidly during the day, cool equally rapidly at night, and the resultant expansion and contraction does things no good at all. (Copper and brass are the worst for this, as work hardening will make them very brittle until they eventually crack.

Constant (or relatively constant) temperature is what you need for long term preservation.



Au contraire, 33 degrees is an ideal day at the beach. It's hot enough to make swimming enjoyable, and if the temperature extends over a couple of weeks, the ocean is likely to be nice and warm.

It probably would be unpleasant in body armor, though.

Currently 35 degrees and 55% humidity here in NC. A normal summer's day. Mowing the lawn won't be much fun tonight, but splashing in the river will be great this weekend.


Hi Charlie, I broke my tibia (more like smashed) in April, then broke my radius while on crutches in June (both on left side). I have to climb 15 steps to my flat on my bum while hauling up with my right side. A programmer by trade, I find an iPad with a stand and BT keyboard more than enough to stay in touch with the world while I stay in bed and recuperate. It may not do a lot, but when you don't have all you digits and limbs to work with, it certainly fills in the gap!


Have a pleasant flight back, and a good rest when you get home, Charlie. I finished The Fuller Memorandum shortly after I commented on receiving the package from B&N. That was a really terrific (and horrific) climax and ending. The only problem is of course that I now have to wait a couple more years for the next book. These things are seriously addictive.


What? I thought Mel Gibson freed Scotland! 0-D


To be honest, they're stored as proof of ownership, not because I expect to need to rip them again.


it's due to hit 33 degrees tomorrow

It's a very pleasant 36.4 here in San Antonio, in the Great State of Texas(tm). Get used to it, it will get to Scotland by and by as the CO2 increases.

And I just finished TFM and loved it. Keep it up, please! Contemplating extra-dimensional horrors is better than thinking about the Palin presidency.


I already stuck a comment in here but forgot my pet peeve - not being to tether my wonderful iPad to my Canon DSLR so I can use the iPad to to control the compositions and exposure levels, not to mention saving wear and tear on my middle aged eyes. I am really aghast nobody developer has created this app yet. I can't be the only one waiting for it.


You can alway VNC in from your iPad to your "work" computer and save the chore of lugging two computing devices about.


Had to install itunes for the wifes new ipod. what a nail, it went and converted all the mp3s id got, then proceeded to fill the ipod up with a random number of copies of each tune. awesome.


Apple - I can only assume that itunes is deliberately awful but why I can't fathom? Is it just that apple likes to poke a finger in your eye and say 'hah! you bought our product, now we're going to make you wish you hadn't! muhahahaha!!!'? Because really there's no excuse for how poor itunes is.

Book Depository - I'm in Slovakia still waiting for my copy of TFM preordered back in April, so they're not all that good all the time


Just wrapped up reading TFM about 5 minutes ago. Very much enjoyed, though I suspect I'm going to have to re-read some of the climax to make sure I understood exactly what was going on, and contemplate the long term implications. Is there a site/forum where it is safe to discuss these things without fear of spoiling a wonderful book for fellow readers? I'm anxious for the next bit of Laundry. Are we likely to get another short story before the next book, ala Overtime and Down on the Farm (the later of which being (IMO) critical to understanding some of the intricacies of TFM)? Assuming current cycle times and ideal situations we're looking at 18-24 months before the next bound feast of computational demonologist prose. I've already pre-ordered the RPG, but as its third party written, I'm wondering just how much to tighten the belt on my insatiable Stross-ian laundry appetite. 18+ months to write and release the novel, spanning a few days to the character, read by myself in a matter of a few (disjointed) hours, truly there must be some form of observational temporal distortion at work here. And not necessarily in our favor.

Be Seeing You, G Parsons


Hi Charlie from NZ.

Just got my (several months) pre-ordered copy of TFM from the Book Su^H^HDepository. So there's hope for others hanging out for their Stross fix.

Approximate sequence:

Wow! Finally! (DEVOUR) Damn - I've run out of book. Wow, again. (Takes phone off hook and de-batteries mobile... grabs The Atrocity Archives & The Jenifer Morgue for back-to-back reading of all three)

More Laundry please. I would like to be able to pre-order the next one ASAP.

Oh by the way, you don't seem very fond of the Pet Shop Boys?

Ian Mackenzie.


@41: You could always Rot13 your spoilery discussion in the comments here..? seems to be as simple as it gets :)

"V ernq GSZ bire n srj yngr avtugf, fb qvq V zvff gur cybg cbvag gung vg jnf gur ehffvnaf jub fjvcrq gur ivbyva fpurzn nyy nybat, be qvq gurl gnxr vg sebz gur phygvfgf?"

44: 34 - Aye, but a parrel o' rogues* gave away our sovereignty again in 1707. ;)

*Source Robert Burns; a search for that string should find the entire poem.

More seriously, Banockburn wasn't actually the end of the Scottish Border Wars; they trundled on into the mid 1300s with the progeny of the men who were at Bannockburn doing the fighting (but their agents weren't as good, so fewer people have heard of them), and then tried to kick off agin off and on until 1604. Ignore the various Jacobite rebelions; they were family feuds between the houses of Stewart and Hanover about who the united British crown belonged to.


Enjoyed The Fuller Memorandum, but I'm getting an itchy feeling, I can't locate my copy of the Atrocity Archives. All other Stross books are right where they ought to be, but not AA Is it remotely possible that it has some eldrich power of it's own?

BTW locally SCORPION STARE coverage seems to be complete how long is the countdown?


I finished The Fuller Memorandum, ok so it was reading and more like devouring. (I will now read from the NecroOMnomNomIcon…) I enjoyed immensely. In an oblique reference to spoilers, here in the states Sarah Palin now make a chilling amount of sense.


I finished The Fuller Memorandum, ok so it was reading and more like devouring. (I will now read from the NecroOMnomNomIcon…) I enjoyed immensely. In an oblique reference to spoilers, here in the states Sarah Palin now make a chilling amount of sense.


Ahh behold my fanboy squee all ye mighty and cringe. Sorry about the double post and misspellings. hangs head in shame


The following SPOILER-IFIC discussion is ROT13 encrypted: @43: Vgf hapyrne orpnhfr bs gur gjb xrl qbphzragf va cynl. Jr xabj gung gur ehffvna pbzznaqbf jrer nsgre n qbphzrag. Tvira gur ynpx bs gvrf gb gur phygvfgf' cybg (Gurl qvqa'g frrz gb arrq na vafgehzrag gb njnxra gur fyrrcre), naq fbzr vaqverpg ersreraprf gb jung ehffvna ntragf qb orfg, V'q fnl gung gur ehffvnaf gbbx gur ivbyva qbphzrag bevtvanyyl, naq gurl jrer ubcvat gb trg gur zrzbenaqhz ohg jrer hafhpprffshy qhr gb gur vzcebzcgh AbgYQ erznxr.

Zl dhrfgvba vf jung rknpgyl vf gur fgngr bs Obo? Fb, ur erphefviryl cbffrffrq uvzfrys (N irel vagrerfgvat guvat gb ortva jvgu). Fb... jul qvq ur jvaq hc rngvat gur pbzznaqb'f fbhy rknpgyl? Jnf GRNCBG pb-cbffrffvat Obo? Jnf guvf fbzr qnatyvat shapgvba cnenzrgre be fhoebhgvar vafgnyyrq vagb gur obql sebz gur zrzbenaqhz vaibpngvba? Jnf vg fvzcyl jung cbffrffrq perngherf qb, ertneqyrff bs vagragvba? Vf Obo fgvyy erphefviryl cbffrffrq? Qvq fbzrguvat unccra gb erfgber cebcre fbhy-obql vagresnpvat, be qvq ur whfg "trg orggre"? Sbe nyy bs gur erfgngvat gur obbx qvq va gur zvqqyr xrrcvat gur inevbhf cybg cbvagf pyrne. Gur rcvybthr jnf n ovg gbb inthr ba gur fgnghf bs bhe snibevgr pbzchgngvbany qrzbabybtvfg.


Be Seeing You, G Parsons


Does your trip to worldcon also include a diversion by way of NZ? (Bridge to Sydney still to be built.)

My copy of TFM just delivered so much envy of those who have read it already.


33 C is hot? What? Here in OKC the temp routinely goes over 38 in the summer. Sometimes as high as 40. Having air conditioning in the car is a matter of survival. Solar oven on wheels! (Could be worse, could be Arizona...)

For my music, I like to rip to FLAC then convert to 192 kbps LAME MP3. My ears couldn't tell much difference between that and any higher bit rates in a quiet room. The FLACs go onto their own hard drive and the CDs go in a plastic box under the bed. As bellinghman said, it's mostly for proof of ownership, but also as a backup of last resort.

iTunes isn't perfect, but not really bad enough to complain about. I wonder if it's a Mac/Windows difference. Windows is a less familiar platform for Apple. But I use "Max" for most of my actual ripping and encoding.

Looking forward to reading TFM soon!


G. Parsons @49 --

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V nz fgnegvat gb jbaqre n terng qrny nobhg ubj zhpu jrvtug jr pna cebcreyl chg ba Obo'f frys nffrffzrag va n ahzore bs nernf, fgnegvat jvgu "pbzong fbeprebe", "fbpvny nfcrpg", naq "qrterr gb juvpu vagreany hapregnvagvrf ner nccnerag rkgreanyyl".


Alas, just getting to worldcon this year is close to breaking the bank; I looked at doing NZ, and found it would add a flat minimum of £1000 to the trip in flights and hotel bills for a long weekend, before spending a bent cent on eating and drinking.

I'll get to NZ one year. Promise.


Here in the UK we've heard of air conditioning. Less than 2% of dwellings have it, though. Less than 30% of offices, for that matter.


It should be obvious by the end of book #3 that Bob is not the world's most reliable narrator. In particular, he has a very self-deprecating manner and repeatedly underestimates his own competence.

(I'm currently 20-25% of the way through the first draft of book #4. It's Bob's first real management job -- handling a very small team of rabid wildcats on the kind of operation that gives sane intel officers screaming nightmares for years afterwards, if they survive. Graydon: prod me via email if you want in on the beta test list.)


So come out to Portland (Oregon). This year our summer is a reasonable spring. We could make sure Professor Weingrad shows up at your event so he can tell you personally that Jews don't write fantasy. Yes, the guy who wrote that abysmally stupid shoot-the-arrows then draw-circles-around-them essay in TJRB teaches at Portland State University.

By the bye, I've tried to sign up so I can sign in. The website insists it will send me a confirmation message, but it hasn't happened any of the times I've tried. Is that feature disables?



Lrf, Vevf jnf gnxr jvgubhg gbb zhpu qnzntr (hayhpxvyl sbe ure)... Vg jbhyq unir orra n gbgny oernxvat bs bcfrp sbe GRNCBG, ohg V'q ybirq sbe Obo gb unir gbyq ure "V'z synggrerq lbh'q guvax V jbhyq znxr n tbbq irffry sbe gur Rngre bs Fbhyf, ohg cebzbgvba va gur Ynhaqel vf hfhnyyl ivn qrnq zraf fubrf, naq Natyrgba vf fgvyy irel zhpu nyvir", whfg fb fur'q unq na bu fuvg zbzrag gjvttvat whfg jung fur'q orra cybggvat ntnvafg :)

Also, this comments page looks like a summoning for Cthulhu at first glance now :)


Hi Charlie,

Long time listener first time caller + reader etc. Some guys are now already conceptualising an early version of a cornicopia. In case you haven't seen it, you may find it curious.



about ROT-13 and Cthulhu:

Cu'atyhv ztyj'ansu Pguhyuh E'ylru jtnu'anty sugnta

eh, eh...


itunes is a bloated pile. Try amarok. Available for the mac, if you have not seen the Finnish light :-)


Amazing, not a single mention of flash in the comments. 3 million computers sold in 3 months that do not support flash at all. Flash must truly be dead!


Andrew, given the prevalence of Flash in animated advertising on the web, having a computer that can't display it is a blessed relief. At a stroke it eliminates all the most annoying ads, improving the web experience no end!


Jura gur Ehffvna gbhpurq Obo gurer jnf ab chyfr. Vf Obo fgvyy ba gur qrnq fvqr, be qvq gung erfbyir bapr ur'q pubjrq qbja ba fbhy naq tbggra qr-Natyrgbarq? Vs abg, ubj qb qehtf fgvyy jbex ba uvz?



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