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All that is old is new again

Toast cover

I'm pleased to announce the existence of a new! signed! limited edition! of my short story collection, "Toast and other Stories". Originally planned as the valuable, collector's final edition (that was to come out just before "Wireless"), it's been delayed by nearly two years — but it's at the printer now, with orders due to ship on August 28th. Remember, there are only 700 copies — once they're gone, they're gone!



So how do we order?


Click on the image of the book to go to Wyrm Publishing's site.

(It took me a while to figure it out too.)

-- MrJM


Ah! Thanks. Done that.


Nice tentacles!


Right ..I've ordered it .. along with much else by Stross in Hardback. Sad I know but I am an over 60 and hardbacks are still the first choice for favoured authors with we ancient persons. And Yet ...

My Wallet HATES you Charlie Stross!

As indeed does my diseased and Ancient Spine after it has been forced to strain over a hot LCD panel as I read the Space Cadet thread far into the night... definition of ' Space Cadet ' being someone who has watched far too many Clint Eastwood Western movies ? .. and this after I should have known better after I'd read the previous threads on the topic of what was once called the 'High Frontier '?

I came to your Blog by way of a mention of 'The Fuller Memorandum ' in Dave Langfords ' Cloud Chamber 161' thus ' .. this one nods to Anthony Price, whose favorite spy trope was routine historical research leading to something unexpected and deadly, erupting from the cobwebs of the past like a funnelweb spider. ' Since it was I who introduced Dave to the work of Anthony Price more years ago than I care to contemplate it is only fair that, after having put Dave to the trouble of tracking down all of Prices Stuff - this before there was an Internet - long ago he should now have put me to the trouble of tracking down your back catalog have been BUSY during the time that it took me to recover from my second bout of clinical depression at the turn of the century and take early retirement from my modest Tech Support work in Higher Education in the U.K.

Anyway I bought the ' The Fuller Memorandum ' in that Watersones 3 for 2 sale .. started reading .. swiftly ordered the first Two of 'The Laundry ' in hard back on the Internet but lacked the Strength of Mind to stop reading 3 until 1 and 2 turned up and so continued with 3 until I decided to buy the rest of your Stuff and then started reading the newly arrived 'Accelerando ' whilst reading the Stross Blog Space Cadet /space colonization /exploration threads .... and every time something has occurred to me as triggered by the Space Cadet ish stuff ... along the lines of Ho,Hum - send CHILDREN , augmented orphan children, maybe originating in a quasi Christian religious cult .. you turn out to have thought of something like it, and thought of it first! Poot! Ah well it serves to focus the mind I suppose.

A generation Starship would be crewed by a religious Scientific Quasi Christian Monastery /Nunnery commanded by a Priesthood of A.I plus deep-frozen Parent /Priests ... communication with Suspended Animation Real Meat 'Officers/priests 'by AIs and selected to be Priests 'Children ' ...odds on certainty that you've already thought of something like that.

The Roman Catholic Church has survived for how long ? It would take Mad Religious Zealots - of whatever kind type or variety - to finance, equip and crew a generation starship. I wonder how much a Gen Ship would cost per individual subscription contribution by True Believers?

The Great Pumpkin will Only Rise once sufficient members of the One True Church are beyond the reach of the World of Original Sin !! Type thing?

Just a stray thought that is entirely free of the burden of Reason or that of the Mathematics of Pixie Dust or Magic Pony Propulsion Systems designed by people whose names are hard to pronounce.


Perhaps you could make more money on future limited editions if you auctioned them in advance. Make it a signed, numbered limited edition, set a base price, and have the readers compete; higher bids get the lower numbers. Perhaps sufficiently high bids would get a second, non-numbered copy to read so that the numbered copy could be kept in pristine condition.


Space Cadets are people who read Heinlein's novel Space Cadet when it came out, perhaps?

Not as good as Starship Troopers.


Odd -- somehow I thought I'd read the entire back catalog. Obviously, I'd forgotten one. Happily ordered! It seems a bit pricey, but considering how many of the books on my shelf are mass-market, and many of those were picked up used at Powell's, I'm happy to be able to direct a few bucks your way now that I'm no longer a starving CS student.


Wow! I read the moderation policy, seeing as I'm a newbie, and you do go on and on, don't you? Now I've forgotten what I was going to say in the first place.

I used to read Heinlein when I was just a little witch. And I'm reminded that one of my Offspring's just off to space school this morning. But that's still not what I wanted to say.

Nice to meet you, however, although I think I skipped some of the stuff, because you did go on. And on.


Any Hope for a e-Book version?


Look under "quick stuff" to the top right of this page.


I look forward to the stories. I wanted to let you know I love the cover.


Dammit, I have the old unsigned unnumbered unspecial edtion. And it's hardback. Buying this edition will either be selfless patronage or tragic fanboi squeeing completism. Hm. Tricky.


Cannot... must not... should not... NO! No! No. no?

Um, Paypal? And a flat-rate international envelope? Damn. I probably shouldn't have done that...

I don't quite know how I'm going to hide it on the credit card statement, but I guess it's a bit late for such worries now.




There was some stuff flying round the interweb yesterday about a proof for P!=NP - - for the PDF paper, and I thought of 'Antibodies'; "Well, that's one route to AI singularity dead in the water :)"


Thanks, for DRM free Version of the Digital Book.


Ordered. Thanks Charlie. Looking forward to reading the book.


Charles Stross's novels bring a new level of meaning to the phrase "no brainer."



Ordered. And just when I was trying to pare down my books.



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