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New Blog

Joan Slonczewski now has a blog: Ultraphyte. If you enjoyed her thought-provoking guest postings here, why not go there and bookmark it for future reading?



whoo-hoo! Thanks for the heads-up, Charlie.


It'll be fun. Thanks for having Joan on here.


Thanks for the plug, Charlie. You haven't seen the last of me here, either. Now if I could just figure out how to still get some science done...


Brilliant! Instant add to my feed, and thanks Charlie for introducing me to such a wonderful writer.



Although, argh.

The web proxy at work here blocks as it thinks it's "social networking." Technically, I'm not even supposed to have internet access. (Got left open after I needed it once.) Speaking to the IT dept probably a no, no. Tunnelling round it would pretty much get me sacked. So also, no, no.

Anyway it will go on my Sunday blog reading list.


As I am the bloke who looks after the firewalls and so on where I work I will certainly enjoy & not sack myself :-)


Sweet! I was in a couple of her classes as a student at Kenyon. Can't wait to check out the blog.



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