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Shameless log-rolling

Ahem: I am informed that Goodreads are running a vote for the best SF/F novel of 2011, and Rule 34 is on their shortlist. If you have a Goodreads account and enjoyed "Rule 34", you know what to do ...

In other news, "Rule 34" has also been nominated for Romantic Times's Best Science Fiction and Fantasy Novel in 2011 award. Make of that what you will!



On an unrelated note, is it odd that the book that most shook my ideas of sexuality and gender-identity was Glasshouse? Something about the hero respawning in a UC as a different gender and saying to himself "I can work with this, in fact I've done this before!" broke me. In a good way. :D


While browsing through "Romantic Times" I found this:

Tremendous fun!


Er, well ... Maybe its THAT Cover, and the Female Archetype Gun Brandishing Tattooed Fetishist as a Symbol of Modern /Post Mod Romantic Fiction?

I thought that " Rule 34 " was a pretty good high tech, near future, police procedural, genre binding story ... but what do I know about the world of Lit Crit?

Must find out what a "Goodreads account " actually is and then Vote Early Vote Often ..well as often as I'm allowed to.


I've just visited their site and left my Calling Card with their Butler.BUT .. They've made me an Indecent Proposal ..of sorts ... Is this Proper?! ...

" Invite Charles Stross to Goodreads Want to see Charles Stross on Goodreads? Help out and send him an invite — you can usually find author contact information on their personal website.

Just copy the link below into an email with a nice note. Please tell the author why you are a fan, why you love Goodreads, and why they should join. " ...

" Hello,

I'm an avid reader of your books, and I am writing to invite you to join, which is the largest community of book lovers online. Because you are a published author, you already have a profile on Goodreads:

If you join Goodreads, you can claim this author profile and make it your own!

Here are some of the ways you can use Goodreads: - Connect with your readers and build a following of fans - Participate in an online Q&A session with your readers - Blog about anything and everything - Publicize upcoming events, such as book signings and speaking engagements - Share excerpts of any upcoming publications - Post videos about your books or anything you choose - And, of course, share your list of favorite books and recent reads with your fans!

To become a Goodreads Author, follow this link:

Sincerely, ..... "

Come to think of it " .. and make it your own! " does sound rather Romantic "


Hmmm, I thought log-rolling was when some writer effusively praised another writer's work in a blurb or review, and the act was reciprocated. (Mark Twain, I believe.)

Here you're asking a population that's not of your peers to promote your work in a specific venue. I think that's rather more like self-promotion.


ObInadvertentlyOmittedSocioPersonalGesture: ...not that your works, which meld the hacker nature with the prose density of Pynchon and Gibson and the vigorous extrapolative impulse of Sterling, are unworthy of such praise and support, o gracious host. In fact I rather appreciate your cognitotropic capacity all the more upon your (perhaps unconscious) orienteering towards my bearing in Eileen and John's backyard at the Clarion closing party this summer (as the speeches commenced)... (Didn't seem worth troubling you with conversation at either Clarion party as you were just-deplaned at the first and doubtless entirely absorbed with responsibilities towards your students at the second. Oh well.)


Shhh, don't tell anyone, but I voted for Rule 34 even though I haven't actually read it yet. Because you're my favourite current SF author. As I've mentioned before, I'm waiting for your publishers to release it in a size that fits on the same shelf as your other paperbacks.

I've also voted for Pratchett's Snuff in the Fantasy section - unread for the same reason. And I've voted for Jim Butcher's latest in the Paranormal Fantasy section. Also unread, but in his case it's because I've only just discovered him and I've not ready all the previous books in the series yet.

Do you think I'll be the only one distorting the results based on author popularity, rather than known actual literary merit?


Oh, and by the way there's a Goodreads Author category which you aren't eligible for - so I've had to vote for John Scalzi. See how you're missing out...


If they wisely give you the Romantic Times award, you'll be in the award-winning company of another of my favorite SF/F authors, Catherine Asaro.

Who says romance novels can't rise to the same heights of literary acceptance as science fiction?


Understandable. After all the story is chock full of shameless romance. I'm currently re-reading it for the third time just to make sure I didnt miss anything else.


Romance as it all too often happens.


How ironic. Neal Stephenson is asking us on FB to vote for Reamde as best SF novel. Maybe if we had a debate between you, it would be far more interesting than what passes as debate fare these days.

I should say that as far as high suspense terrorist stories that feature MMRP games, I liked yours better.



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