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Checking out ...

I'm 12 hours from getting on a plane (the first of three) in the direction of sunny, tropical Colorado Springs. This weekend, I'm guest of honour at COSine; thereafter ... well, I'll post my convention program and my subsequent itinerary on Thursday (assuming all flights go well). Play nice, and give a warm welcome to our new guest blogger, Cat Valente!



Colorado Springs... That's where (in the books & maybe the TV series) they built the six million dollar man.

But for only six million dollars......


sunny, tropical Colorado Springs

Ah, if only.
I can't imagine that you haven't checked on the weather already. But just in case, there is a chance of snow Friday, but not much expected, somewhat warmer over the weekend. You missed the warmup last weekend.

Hopefully you won't be on one of the transatlantic flights that have to land in Newfoundland to refuel because of headwinds, that I've been hearing about.

Looking forward to it!


And convenient for making rude gestures at "Focus on the Family"; they won't mind, they're too busy infiltrating the Air Force Academy to notice.


make sure to visit NORAD, always wanted to go there


Okay, show of hands, who's going to be cosplaying Charlie this weekend...?


If they offer you a chance to go through the Stargate, get photos!


And visit Buckley AFB outside Denver. A major hive of space-related spookiness, with lots of radomes to match. Good for atmosphere in future novels.


Just checked local library stocks, as you do: Humberside Libraries have two of Cat's books on their shelves. Both in Polish translation. "W ogrodzie nocy" and "W miastach money i korzeni" (the latter with special bonus typo) for the interested.

I'm sure there's some deep meaning to this, but I have no idea what that might be.



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