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I had a blog entry for you, but I eated it

Just chirping up to say: I'm now in Boston.

I'll be doing an event for the MIT SF Society this Friday; and next Saturday the 11th, I'll be doing a reading and signing at Pandemonium Books and Games in Cambridge; full details here.

I'm also going to announce a pub meet early next week (once I've settled on a venue and, this time, warned them to expect us).

We now return you to your regular scheduled tumbleweed while I wrestle with the copy-edited manuscript of "The Rapture of the Nerds" (which landed in my inbox — with Cory's updates — yesterday evening).



What collaboration tech are you and Cory using?


While writing it, UTF-8 text attachments (containing MarkDown formatted text) bolted onto old fashioned email.

While working over the copy-edits, I can't speak for Cory but I'm using LibreOffice 3.5.rc3, because publishing runs on Microsoft Word 97-2003 format .doc files with "track changes" enabled.


Hey, while you're in town, if you have time... come have lunch with us at the Free Software Foundation! :)


Only if RMS is out of town ...


"Is that a blog post, or are you nom-nom-ing your iPad? ..."


Incidentally, on the subject (peripherally) of netted comms, I used an iPad (indeed any sort of tablet)for the first time yesterday - I had to input personal details for an actors/extras database.


NO tactile feedback AT ALL.
Scrolling by pushing with finger on very long list for equivalent of a drop-down - very difficult.
Remarkable ease of losing the lot by touching wrong part of screen - which was a "Back" button I hadn't noticed.
Bloody thing wouldn't sit on a FLAT (desk) surface, because fucking Apple's flash and terminally stupid so-called "designers" has made the rear of the tablet slightly rounded at the edges, so that as I tried to "type" on a virtual keybopard, the thing rocked in both the x & y planes. (I suppose it is meant to be on your lap(?)

I will certainly NOT be buying one.



It was nice seeing you again last week in New York City.
Thanks again for the encouragement for the novel.



Get a cheap 7" non-apple one.

You are right that keyboard-wise they stink, but they have characteristics that make them worthwhile, and the Android tablets embrace the smaller form factor which is more practical as a ubiquitous device (as well as being much cheaper).

Worth the money to get used to what they can do; just don't fall for the apple marketing spin. They CAN work.


"Eated" ... really?

Clearly your copy-editing focus lies with "Rapture of the Nerds".


It's a LOLcat meme.


He is. Come on down any day this week around 12:45pm and we'll go for lunch.

Red/Orange Line to Downtown Crossing, and we're at 51 Franklin St.


Charlie, what case are you using for your iPad, and is the keyboard usable?

I wanted to ask at COSine, but wasn't thinking of it when I had the chance. There were other questions, either thought of too late, or forgotten. They can wait.


Staying away, I'm afraid.

(I've met RMS a couple of times and he got right up my nose.)


ZaggFolio case with Zagg bluetooth keyboard (that came with the case). The folio protects the rear of the ipad as well as the screen, and the keyboard is touch-typable if you're comfortable with an Apple-style chicklet keyboard. One caveat is, one of the keycaps tends to stick on me during bouts of heavy typing; I may be going for a warranty replacement when I get home from this trip.


Charlie, given the way you phrased #4, I read #11 as "RMS is out of town. Come on..."


Oh. Okay, clarification: is RMS out of town right now?


Who is this RMS and should we be monitoring his movements?


Ignore that. I've worked it out.


Correct. He is not in town.


Matt, can you ping me in email?



I thought that was it, but couldn't think of the name, and was wondering how the keyboard held up.

If the iPad version of Scrivener gets the seal of approval, I'll probably look seriously into a keyboard for it. My Stowaway keyboard has been acting up lately, possibly doesn't like the rechargeable batteries, or it might be the slight coffee spill.


I'm fairly sure that Charlie is referring to:

RMS = Richard Matthew Stallman

Someone with a reputation for being totally absolutely positively sure he's right and if you don't agree with him you're an idiot or evil. And vocal with his opinions.


I believe that it is a good thing that someone is out there, pushing RMS's particular ideological position with respect to intellectual property and software.

I don't believe this because I necessarily agree 100% with the full set of beliefs he holds, but because he anchors one side of the Overton Window for political discourse on that subject, and as the other side is anchored by sleazeballs from the MPAA it needs some serious bull-headedness to hold it in place.

(However, I have some issues with RMS the person and don't feel the need to socialize with him.)


All I can is the Dubbel Entendre at CBC, if they still have it. I can't find it on the menu at present, or in the archives, but I had it a few months ago and it was every bit worth walking home sideways. Delicious.


ack and that should have been "all I can do is recommend"


oh, and while you're in town, if you feel like checking out maker\hackerspaces, you might enjoy Artisans' Asylum ( Near Porter Square.
There should be people there anytime you stop by, but if you want an intro just shoot me an email at metoikos dot scul at gmail dot com, or if you can see the email address attached to this comment.


Just curious. How did you get from NY to Boston. Planes, trains, or automobiles?


Apparently he was using "the only true high-speed train" in North America: the Acela Express.



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