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Brief note: drinks, Wednesday 17th, Kuala Lumpur

Just a brief note: I'll be hanging out this evening (that's Wednesday 10th) again on the evening of Wednesday 17th in Taps beer bar in Kuala Lumpur from 7pm; all welcome. They've got a good range of craft beers, food, and are about fifty metres from Raja Chulan monorail station, at ground level in One Residency on Jalan Nagasari. (If you're not sure what I look like, look for the table with a large plush Cthulhu holding court.)

Update: For those who couldn't make it at short notice, there will be a repeat: same time, same place, on Wednesday 17th.



For those who have it, their Facebook page is a lot more useful than their website.


Whoa, that's kinda rather sudden (only just found out about this) Sadly, I would not be able to make it on short notice. I hope other Malaysian fans do show up :)


Our gay Flemish friend who's living in KL with his Malaysian fiancée is a bit peeved not to be able to make it.

(Said fiancée dislikes the taste of alcohol, though we've tried all sorts of things on him, including a Vintage Port a couple of decades older than he was. That would have made him a good designated driver in the absence of taxis.)


Okay, I'll try to be there again -- same time, same place, next week, if folks who can't make it tonight can make it then.


A warning about the impossibility of finding taxis in key locations during rush hour and heavy rain is almost mandatory when talking about Kuala Lumpur and the surrounding areas.

I hope you're having a great time in KL, Charlie, and I would love to buy you a drink the next time you hit Taps.


Yes! See you next week!


damn I was there in KL on Wednesday and missed this. Hope fully next week.


Is drinks in Taps bar on Wednesday 17th April still on?


Yup, it's on (see above).



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