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On the road ...

I'm going to be on the road next week, Monday to Monday, visiting Tallinn, Estonia, for the HeadRead literary festival. Hopefully I'll have time to write something; the server whoopsie last Monday disrupted my plans for a guest blogger. Meanwhile, coming up next: some scattered afterthoughts (and your questions answered!) on "Iron Sunrise".



On the off chance that you have the time, I can recommend the Museum of Occupations. Not large, very interesting. The Soviet era statuary stuffed into the basement is fascinating - something of the Ozymandias about it.

Also worth a visit is the Noku Klubi if you can find someone to get you in.


And I can recommend the Depeche Mode bar... if you like Depeche Mode. And bars.


We arrived by helicopter from Helsinki (a truly stunning way of arriving in the heart of a capital city, and one I won't ever achieve again) and spent three nights there.

We stayed pretty much in the Old Town, which is full of tourist traps trying to sell you amber, but also some rather nice restaurants which, when we were there, were seriously cheaper than Helsinki: to the extent that Finns were taking the fast ferries across the Gulf of Finland for dinner.

The most fun we had was at The Olde Hansa, a place that specialises in a pre-Columbian menu of the Hanseatic League era. It may be possible to get an interesting vegan meal out of them, but I'd check with them first.


Is that pronounced "Hed Red" or "Heed Reed"?


Heh-Odd Reh-Odd.


Also... Any fan meetup scheduled in Tallinn?


Hi Charles, I'm travelling through Tallinn from Australia and i just saw that you did something here yesterday - devastated I missed it. Will you be doing any other appearances here over the weekend at all?



yes: I'm doing another interview tomorrow (Sunday) at 5pm in the old writer's union; details via the HeadRead literary festival's website.


Fan meetup and pub crawl after tomorrow's interview (6pm onwards, starting from the venue).



My talk tomorrow is in the form of an interview by Mart Kalvert, at 5pm, at the Estonian Writer's Union at Harju 1 in the old town. I believe admission is free; in any case, it's going to be shown live on the huge videoscreen above the Writer's Union doorway if you can't get in.

It will be followed by signing of books, and then beer.

More details of the HeadRead literary festival in Tallinn can be found via that link.



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