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Polite request

If you want to talk to me via email, and send me mail via the feedback form (link captioned "Talk to me" on the right), please ensure that your mail server doesn't reject everything coming from Also, please don't provide an email address at a service that requires me to jump through flaming hoops to prove that I'm a real person. Also, please provide an email address that works.

(I'm now back at home. Normal blogging will resume shortly.)



Also anyone with email that has a footer telling me I need to delete the email and all copies if it wasn't meant for me (unsolicited email? I dunno. maybe you typo'ed the address) should be ignored. So tired of that nonsense.


I'd like to send Bob Howard after whatever lawyer first came up with the idea of those idiotic disclaimers.

Although perhaps the Laundry has their own.


Guys, if I'm sending you an e-mail from my work account for the first time, I make an apology for said pseudo-legalese boilerplate.


Lawyers? I imagine the Laundry keeps some around, but firmly chained inside their summoning grids, like the other dangerous nonhumans.



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