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Should pass 80,000 words tomorrow; the end is in sight (somewhere in the range 5-10 days' work away). Until I get there, though, blogging is going to be scanty.

I'm going to be away from January 29th through February 20th, travelling. Consequently, I'm in the process of lining up some guest bloggers. Guest blogger #1, who'll be starting in a week's time, isn't (surprise!) an SF/F author; he's Hugh Hancock of Strange Company, an SF/F filmmaker who's doing pioneering work in the fields of Machinima and low-end motion capture. (He also founded, back in the dawn of the 21st century.) Among other things, he'll probably be talking about his latest production ...



Will you be soliciting fan notes for printing mistakes on the Merchant Princes Special Edition anytime soon? I have powered through them the past few days and noticed a few. Minor things like Egon being both the Third and the First, the year changing, New Britain having submarines, etc.


I hope you're going somewhere a little warmer than Scotland at this time of year.


You will note the etymology of the term "submarine" is from the latin, and goes back quite a long way ("a creature living under the sea": 1703; "submarine boat", 19th century formation). If you've spotted errata it might be possible to get them into the US paperback edition due this fall -- but you should give me page numbers and details, and do it now. (You might as well use this thread.)


I'm going somewhere a lot colder -- New York and Boston!


So, maybe tell us a bit more about machinima wasp craziness, or maybe tell us what Hugh is really working on...


Whereabouts in New York? The City?

Any public events / appearances?


I thought the name was familiar. Happened to hear this a couple weeks ago: A YouTube Powerhouse Looks Beyond Its Gamer Base


Sounds interesting, even if he doesn't generate many comments.


I note the Wiki article shows him with a glass of Leffe in front of him. Chimay is my preferred liquid in that area, but ....


No public appearances. Maybe a pub meet-up. (Main purpose of visit: lots of business meetings.)


From the article: "Machinima is the top video network for young men"

I think that's a bit overblown.


Someone should ask Hugh Hancock is he is familiar with "Freeman's Mind" author experience with Machinima.


My takeaway from the story was that Hancock sold the company before the criticism of it--presumably before there was reason for it. Otherwise I probably wouldn't have posted it. Also the audio has a bit more than the text.


Correct: Hugh parted company with a few years ago


Maybe Hugh Hancock has heard of this guy, maybe not, but there's a chap from Edinburgh using motion-capture rigs for Second Life, and he's been the subject of one of a series of video shorts.

The Drax Files: World Makers [ Episode 6: Abramelin Wolfe]

The Oculus Rift is also getting attention in Second Life, and since the images are generated on your computer, rather than streamed, at least I wouldn't have to worry so much about my increasingly crappy internet connection.


Business meetings? Would that mean the "Unicorn School: The Sparkling" animated series is closer to launch?


Somewhat OT, but: I imagine someone has already sent Charlie a link to this kickstarter, but I'm trying to decide whether it's more likely to be an attempt to build a "Spooks"-style ARG or a social experiment to identify potential Darwin Award winners...

[[ url fixed - mod ]]


Hmmm... there's still the occasional "Robard" instead of "Griben" showing up, but I need to reread the whole set again to be sure. The revised version seems a lot better that the individual half-books and I actually managed to track the Lee/outer family/Matt plot this time around. (I'm assuming MYRIAD is one of the world walkers allied to Matthias, if not the doctor.)

I must admit that the wait for the next installment is very trying.


Continuity errors?

2nd word on page 299 of The Revolution Trade has Robard instead of Griben, but I've just noticed that there's a Baron Griben ven Hjalmar on page 325 of The Traders War (who is not the doctor) so there may be two characters scrambled together and it may not be an easy fix.




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