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Because people keep asking me ...

I have two works that are eligible for Hugo nominations this year:

* Neptune's Brood (novel, pub. Ace (USA), Orbit (UK)
* Equoid (novella, pub.

I have three other books that are not eligible, as far as I know: "The Bloodline Feud", "The Traders War", "The Revolution Trade". They came out in 2013 but are essentially remastered omnibus versions of earlier novels which were eligible for nomination in previous years (and while they never made a Hugo shortlist, the Merchant Princes series won the 2007 Sidewise Award for alternate history).

You can stop filling my email inbox now, kthx?




(You wouldn't want us voting for the wrong lizard, now would you?)


I'm conflicted over the whole self-publicity thing.

Being British, it doesn't come easily. And there's something very ... needy ... not to mention slightly distasteful about waving banners and shouting "VOTE FOR MEEEE!!!" on the internet.

Also, to be honest, while awards and shiny rocket ship trophies are all very nice, I've got a career. A Hugo is not going to magically boost my sales track (except in the unlikely event of a Hugo for best novel) or save me from obscurity (I'm not obscure or hard to find). I'd be lying if I didn't say I'd like to be on those shortlists, but I'm grown-up enough to recognize that the entire world does not revolve around my needy ego. Meanwhile, there are some folks who probably do need the recognition, insofar as they're either early in their career or having mid-career crises. And there are some folks who it'd just be plain nice to recognize, for their decades of quiet but significant labour in the field (e.g. Ginjer Buchanan).

On the other hand, if people can't find my eligible works for 2013 by googling and keep cluttering up my email inbox with the same question, maybe it's a sign that I shouldn't be quite so reticent.

Hence this brief blog post.


Google has to be told these things, how better.


I'm told I HAVE TO vote for "Equoid" - correct?


Tell whoever told you that, that nobody HAS TO vote for anything. OK?



Greg has clearly been too close to Equoids.


Fluff the Plush Cthulhu says that He has not been leaning on Greg to vote any particular way. Honest. Not even slightly. Well, maybe He engaged in a little bit of threatening to eat last, etc.


Speaking of - Is Fluff planning to meet Harold at Satellite 4?


Fluff will be at Satellite 4.

(Menhit will be there too, in the form of a new catskin hat, if she doesn't stop biting my fingers whenever I try to type. Grr.)


Waitaminnit, Greg.Tingey is a suitable equoid host?

Mind blown. Shreds of neocortex fluttering in the wind.

That's the best internet disguise I've seen in ages. She's had me fooled for years.


Fluff is on a panel with Harold at Satellite 4.


Not host, but close enough to be under control....

OTOH, where is Bob Howard when Oxford Street needs him?

30 seconds in.


A thinly disguised version of Greg Tingey appears in "Equoid". See if you can guess who he is ...


Uhhh, really? (plays dumb for lame comedic effect).


Only the names were changed to preserve security.


I do hope that the person known only as "Greg Tingey " has been properly ' vetted ' ?

" The process for obtaining security clearance is known as 'vetting'. "


OGH: A thinly disguised version of Greg Tingey appears in "Equoid". See if you can guess who he is ...

At least you disguised his last name a bit. I was pretty sure that's what you were up to, assuming it's Mr. Scullery.

Did you tell him? 8-)

I am still amazed at how many people it seems didn't even notice full real name Tuckerizations in your novels...


Cheers; now, can I be that organised?


I see Bob Howard has a Palm Treo again. 1) Really? 2) Where did he get it? 3) Blackphone surely?


Equoid is set pre-Fuller Memorandum, which is when Bob acquired the Jesusphone. So more "still" than "again."


The repackaged Merchant Princes novels may not be eligible for Hugos, but I have still seen no evidence that the second volume is other than mythical. At least in central London bookshops. I go I to such a place at least once a month, usually more often, and so far they all have volumes 1 and 3 only, without fail. Waterstones, Hatchards, Blackwells, even our last remaining specialist SF bookshop. Two volumes only.

I suppose I'll have to brave the dangers of Foyle's.

(Amazon doesn't work well for me as I live in a small flat on my own and have a full-time job I work late at.... so any kind of mail order either needs me to take time off work or else I get some irritating card from the delivery people telling me that my package will be held for the next 48 hours in some inaccessible suburban warehouse that shuts at 4pm. Unless its ParcelFarce when the card says it can't be delivered because my address doesn't exist. Or DHL who sometimes refuse to deliver here at all because its apparently insecure or dangerous or something. )

Ken Brown


Collinsgrace40; That is a fine example of spam. "St. Mary of the Angels Loan Services"? Boy are they in the wrong place.



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