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So ...

I, um, appear to have won another Hugo award.

Things have been kind of hectic this past week (it's a worldcon: I also threw a large birthday party—I turn 50 in about 8 weeks time—and we drove 450 miles to get here), hence the lack of blogging. I'll try and say something coherent in the next day or two, but tomorrow I've got to drive another 300-odd miles, en route to Dublin for the Eurocon.

In the meantime, my thanks to everyone in the WSFS who voted for "Equoid". And we had an excellent set of results last night.



Congratulations on your award. A thoroughly enjoyable story.


Congratulations! I am delighted for you.

Overall I am very happy with the winners: they are a terrific line-up of the field's diversity & quality.


Congratulations! I am dying to read "Equoid" now.


Congrats. Well deserved. Maybe it's just because I'm a CCF fan, but I enjoyed Equoid rather a lot.


More congratulations!

Now, should I...

(a) Swing by Reddit and see what all the nice young men have said about Kameron Hurley's Hugos (and whoever came below 'No Award'); or

(b) See what John Scalzi has to say about it?

Footnote to option (b): I have just read the phrase 'Unicorn Bukkake'. There isn't enough brain bleach in The World.




Congratulations! Very well deserved.


Congratulations! That makes, um, three? (The one thing I couldn't find on your site was a list of your awards, but WikiP was helpful.)


Um, this means that I am about to break my record for "never having knowingly bought a this year's a Hugo-winning work". ;-)




(BTW, is there a thread for ongoing discussions of "The Rhesus Chart"? Because obviously what you want after winning a Hugo is a persnickety set theory erratum.)


Adding my congratulations too.

Does this you are even more locked into the Laundry, or does it mean that you can write something new?


Congratulations! Is this likely to fast-track any of your forthcoming books?


You consider something new like the upcoming Merchant Princes trilogy, or Neptune's Brood, or Rapture Of The Nerds. Then you walk to the bookshelf, pick up Rule 34, and begin re-reading.


BTW, is there a thread for ongoing discussions of "The Rhesus Chart"? Because obviously what you want after winning a Hugo is a persnickety set theory erratum.

There's a blog named "Spoilers" from a few weeks ago.
But if you want to warn about the "disjoint but overlapping" phrase, that's already noted.


Just wanted to add my congratulations too.
So, congratulations.


Congratulations on Hugo number three! Great slate of winners this year.


Kongratshulashuns Mister Stross - another phallic thing for the mantleshelf!

Kongrats to Kameron Hurley and Ann Leckie, too, in case they are reading this...


Congrats! I love it when authors whom I really like win well-deserved awards! (For a long time I've known a "Well-Known Author" who wouldn't hesitate to tell you about his books on the NY Times Best Seller List, yet he never won an award and had few nominations. And frankly, I think he's more than a bit of a hack.)


That thread seems locked... but anyway, yes, it's the "disjoint but overlapping", thanks! (I thought I searched for it, but clearly I mistyped something.)




Double-mazeltov (one for the birthday). I enjoy your work very much. Please keep going as long as you can. But please don't burn yourself out


Congrats! It is a great story, one of the creepiest of all the Laundry stuff.



Hugely well deserved Charlie! Equiod was a delight!

I'm super pleased with the Hugo choice for best novel also. That was something new and different. Happy early Birthday!


Congratulations! Those are an excellent set of results. (I may have ranked Equoid and Neptune's Brood as my #1 for their respective categories. /fanboi) (Also: Ancillary Justice is excellent, and I'm totally happy to see it win. Congratulations to Ann Leckie, too!)


Congratulations, Charlie!


Grats. Equoid was delightfully, memorably creepy.

And congratulations to all the other winners too.



I've long since given up on the Hugos as being so badly broken as to be unfixable. Still, it's good to see many of the Good Guys winning this year. And it's good for sales.


I just signed a contract for the next two Laundry novels and will be delivering "The Annihilation Score" (final draft) next month for publication in July 2015. The seventh Laundry Files novel should drop in summer 2016 but isn't written yet. This doesn't preclude doing other stuff, but it should satisfy those for whom one Laundry novel every 3-5 years wasn't enough ... (I hope!)


Congratulations! Is this likely to fast-track any of your forthcoming books?

Nope, that's not how publishing works. (However, it will make the next Laundry novella a really easy sell ...)


A long long line of dancing conga rats for YOU!


I hope the additional sales from the extra profile will keep the wolf from your door for a while!


It will also get us to a point where either independance negotiations should be winding down or the fearmongers have condemned us to another generation of rule by the Con and Liebour parties. {hint hint}


I was pleased to see that one of the space ships in Hannu Rajaniemi's "The Causal Angel" was called the "Bob Howard".


There have been years when I have wondered why the hell something won a Hugo, but this isn't one of them. Doctor Who, alas, wasn't nominated in a category for its incredible history, and the quality wasn't quite there. But it was a huge filter against rubbish.

Every winner faced opposition that could have won, and deserved the praise.


Um, congratulations. Richly deserved.


Awesome, good to hear the contract went through! Definitely looking forward to the next Laundry stories.


I'm a bit disappointed, but unsurprised that Orphan Black was steamrollered by the Game of Thrones, but really -- that was kind of inevitable. The Hugos are and always have been a beauty contest, and OB is simply much less visible than GoT.


Congratulations! Really pleased for you, and it was well deserved (I ordered a copy of Equoid as soon as I read it on the website). Looking forward to "The Annihilation Score" (in whose style will this be?).

Disappointed the Guardian article didn't mention you.

Delighted about the Vox Day/Beale vote being below the No Vote.

Happy birthday and hope this brings you more fame and (preferably) fortune - but not enough to put your feet up just yet.



I still wonder whether your cats ever hold your awards shelf hostage when negotiating their demands...


Just the one cat currently, and from pictures elsewhere, she seems more interested in keeping Charlie's keyboard hostage.


I pivoted from pasticheing espionage novelists to pasticheing urban fantasy genres in "Equoid", the unicorn novella. "The Rhesus Chart" is of course the vampire novel; "The Annihilation Score" is about superheroes (and narrated by Mo), "The Nightmare Library" (or whatever it's called) will be about elves, and narrated by Alex.

Note to others: the cat weighs half as much as the average Hugo award; she's probably not strong enough to push one of them over without more leverage than she has the brain power to work out how to exert.


half as much as the average Hugo award

And the Australian one, at least, has quite a low centre of gravity, though I can't remember how heavy it really felt. Solid, that one. Some other years ones have quite flimsy feeling bases, but I've not been close enough to one of this year's yet to heft it.

Of course the rocket is always going to be pretty hefty in its own right.


It seemed like a pretty good set of results - nothing I objected to anyway, you appear to be about 33% of my successful votes but the others were all pretty good so I'm not disappointed. I meant to say congrats at the con but ended up so tired on Monday that I left early without seeing you and crashed out at home.

Hope you enjoy Shamrokon, it looked like it was fun and if I thought I had enough energy I'd be there (and miss the bloody Notting Hill Carnival outside my house).


Sorry - re Shamrokon, I meant to say that it looks like it will be fun, I'm not posting via time tunnel!


Well done on the Hugo...I thought you deserved two!

How can you keep Case Nightmare Green sufficiently apocalyptic when you read elements from the
Annihilation Score that are just totally risible.

Poor Boris...

-- Andrew


Congrats Charlie!

couple of unrelated comments following...

I'm happy that I postponed reading The Rhesus Chart so I could begin it while I was in London for the Worldcon. Turns out it's set (at least partly) in Canary Wharf, not far from the Excel! Much easier to visualize the action when you can visit the setting in real time.

also, Scrum! we joke about Scrum being an occult religion at work, so I just had to go tell everyone here about the novel.

Lastly, hairyears@5, I've recently read a novel that had Godzilla Bukkake: Crooked Little Vein, by Warren Ellis, the twisted mind that created Transmetropolitan.


I can't remember where I read it, and I'll spare Charlie's blog the link. But there's a big (in too many ways to mention) dinosaur-human porn thing. Actually it might be Charlie's fault I know about it come to think of it. I remember a punny short from a while ago. Velociraptor-human (female) is the commonest trope apparently.

Godzilla bukkake isn't a big step from there.


Congratulations on the Hugo, and forthcoming congratulations for 18th October for achieving your golden years!





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