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Cheap ebook!

The US (not UK, alas) ebook edition of "The Atrocity Archives", Laundry Files book 1, is on a special promotion. It's $1.99 for the rest of March! you can find the Kindle edition here, or the Barnes and Noble Nook edition here, Google Play store version here, and Apple iBooks store version here.

If you're reading this on my blog you're probably already aware of my Laundry Files series; in case you came here from elsewhere, "The Atrocity Archives" is book #1 in the sequence, and the latest novel, "The Annihilation Score" (book 6) comes out in the first week of July. In fact, I just finished checking the page proofs now, so it's heading back to the typesetter agency and then on to the printers next month ...



Here's the US iBooks store link:

Side note: This begins my task of repurchasing all the Laundry books on Kindle since I migrated away from Nook.


Saw this right after I'd seen the sale on my every-so-often check of my wish list with the "items with price drops" filter applied. I'm doing a simliar thing Mr. Toon is - (re)buying books I have dead tree versions of for my Kindle.


I wonder how many "abandoned" eBooks are out there. It's not like you can find them at a garage/tag/whatever sale on Saturday morning.


Possibly someone has already brought this to your attention, Charlie, but you have at least one very famous reader. Donald Knuth recently released a preprint of Volume 4B of The Art of Computer Programming, and the Preface begins with the following quote:

We - or the Black Chamber - have a little agreement with [Knuth]; he doesn't publish the real Volume 4 of The Art of Computer Programming, and they don't render him metabolically challenged. - CHARLES STROSS, The Atrocity Archive (2001)



I occasionally think about buying Knuth's series, but I work in higher level languages and databases and eschew C et al. I just don't have time to get back in to the trenches and learn low level stuff.


Alas not available from Google Play store in Australia.


Charlie, are there plans to progressively release the entire series at lowered ebook prices, or is this a one-shot thing? Personally I'd be willing to pay an additional $2 or $3 to get an ebook along with the hardback, but I'm not going to drop big bucks on a HB and turn around and spend paperback prices on an ebook.


This is a one-shot promotion, to get new readers interested in the series in the run-up to the release of book six. (Which will initially be a hardcover -- with ebook priced to match -- before repeating as a paperback, with a lower ebook price to match, 12 months down the line.)


just fyi, AZORIAN report declassified. (as for tentacles.. squid on p37..)



Bought it.

Tried to use Calibre to convert it to .PDB so I can read it (yeah, I'm still using a Palm OS, Clie TH55), it's the only portable reader I own. This has worked in the past for many things bought via Kindle

Turns out Amazon's got it copy-protected. Can't seem to convert it with the current Calibre, can't read it except on the desktop. Unfortunate.



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