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New guest blogger: Fran Wilde

I'm still recovering from jet lag. But in a desperate attempt to hang on to your attention—and to continue the discussion on women in SF that kicked off here over the past month—I've invited another guest blogger, first-time novelist Fran Wilde. Her first novel, Updraft, debuts from Tor Books on September 1, 2015. Fran's short stories have appeared at, Asmiov's Magazine, Beneath Ceaseless Skies, Uncanny Magazine, and Nature. Fran can program digital minions, set gemstones, and tie a sailor's knotboard. She also interviews authors about food in fiction at Cooking the Books, and blogs for GeekMom and SFSignal. You can find Fran at her website, Twitter, and Facebook: and, shortly, here.



Fran is awesome, and I look forward to her posts.


My immediate thought on seeing the subject line was "a (former) NZ cabinet minister is into SF???", before I realised it was a different person of the same name.


Post coming on Sunday morning ...


@ Dai Kiwi - I get that a lot, especially when I go to visit my sister and brother in law in the North Island... makes reserving a camper interesting.

Could make a winning NZ2020 bid interesting too...



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