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I don't normally blog translations here, but I thought this was particularly noteworthy.

(Incidentally, if you've been wondering about the business side of publishing, it's worth noting that this is a book I wrote in 1995-98, that went on sale in a US hardcover edition in 2003, and it's still coming out for the first time in other countries and languages.)

SFReviews have a review of Glasshouse.

(NB: it's arriving in bookstores this week, so if you feel the urge to read the bits he's carefully not describing, you can get your hands on it now.)

"I want you to know, darling, that I'm leaving you for another sex robot -- and she's twice the man you'll ever be," Laura explained as she flounced over to the front door, wafting an alluring aroma of mineral oil behind her ...

(That's from Trunk and Disorderly, coming soon to a store near you, via Asimov's Science Fiction magazine.)

I'm very pleased to announce the Accelerando has won the Locus Award for best science fiction novel of 2005. Details here.



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