• Commented on Things I would make if I had a 3D printer ...
    I have all of the bits for a 3D printer (RepRap Prusa Mendel i2) in boxes waiting for a space here to put it all together so that I can make replacement PCB support brackets for an oldish Tek Oscilloscope....
  • Commented on Some thoughts on turning 50
    Belated happy 50th, Charlie! I was a little disappointed when I got to 50,( 17 years ago..) it just felt like any other birthday.. Mind you, once you get to 65 when one is supposed to be 'retiring', it is...
  • Commented on National Talk About Something Else Day
    goto Post Office to leave parcels, on way to periodic blood pressure testing by local GP. hang out washing (while keeping fingers crossed about the Melbourne (Vic) weather!). stop avoiding finishing several electronic projects and refurbish ancient S-100 RAM card.....
  • Commented on Attention Conservation Notice
    Hope the family are doing alright now. Do come back when ever you are ready.....
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