• Commented on The myth of heroism
    "We're probably still 20-30 years away from a superhero novel willing the Booker prize" Kavalier and Clay was certainly worthy, though not strictly speaking a 'superhero' novel. http://www.amazon.com/The-Amazing-Adventures-Kavalier-Clay/dp/1480537209 See also, Jonathan Lethem's 'Fortress of solitude'....
  • Commented on No. Words.
    This is heart wrenching news, not only because of the waste of life of a talented human being and the grief and pain his loss will bring to his family and friends, but also for the more selfish reason that...
  • Commented on The jet lag game
    Whenever anyone mentions teleportation I always think of 'the jaunt'. Not the best or most original tele-frag story, but it stays with you: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Jaunt...
  • Commented on Big Guns[1]
    Anyone interested in the economic factors of rage killings could do worse than reading this: http://www.amazon.com/Going-Postal-Rebellion-Workplaces-Columbine/dp/1932360824 Its not exactly watertight, and there's some pretty wild dot connecting in there but it's an interesting take with some good insights....
  • Commented on Of Blood and Honey, And Blue Skies from Pain
    Alan, that is reasonable, I wasn't aware of the history here, and Im sorry to have caused you trouble first thing in the morning. I'm not really interested in a flame war, but, as I said, I found Greg's comment...
  • Commented on Of Blood and Honey, And Blue Skies from Pain
    Forgive me if I dont agree that your single paragraph 'clarifies the matter', and Im happy to abide by the wishes of the moderator and not continue the discussion, but just to point out, that I used the term 'pseudo-genocide',...
  • Commented on Of Blood and Honey, And Blue Skies from Pain
    Dear god Alan. Can you please point out where I have breached the moderation policy? Also, are all historical crimes off limits, or just the ones the English have perpetrated? You get a minuscule credit for deleting the first comment,...
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