• Commented on The Nakamoto Variations
    Fast-forward 380,000 years. An alien grad student is picking over the ruins of the long-gone human civilization, gathering data for empirical research on his species's version of the Drake equation. As his ship prepares to leave orbit, he catalogs Humans...
  • Commented on Unwanted Blogging Vacation
    Sorry to hear that. Take care of your loved one. But don't forget, now and then, to have a little care for yourself as well....
  • Commented on Science-fictional shibboleths
    Lately I've been stumbling across a lot of books with really bad orbital mechanics -- the spaceplane that leaves the Earth's atmosphere and minutes later docks with a station at L5, asteroid bases trailing a few million miles behind the...
  • Commented on Second childhood?
    Not really a comic (although technically there are comics in it) but as long as you've mentioned XKCD, be sure to also check out Munroe's What If pages of science questions, many of which explore areas that are really more...
  • Commented on Apology
    Well, let's just crowdsource your title problem. I'll throw these out there to start: Merchant Princes: A New Beginning Merchant Princes: The Final Chapter Merchant Princes: This Time It's Personal Merchant Princes: The Undiscovered Country Merchant Princes: The Phantom Menace...
  • Commented on A likely tale
    Arg! You must be punished for that!...
  • Commented on New Guest Blogger: Linda Nagata
    I signed into the damned comments system just so I could tell you how awesome this was. I read Deception Well and Vast back to back, and they just made me gape in wonder. I don't know why she hasn't...
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