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    RK vs. PZM. Discuss....
  • Commented on Mediocrity
    No, I'm talking about Hashlife, which you have to see in action to believe; for example download Golly (multi platform) which can run enormous worlds (# of cells > your RAM) at breakneck speeds (6 octillion iterations in 30s)...
  • Commented on Mediocrity
    You are mistaken, simulations are compressible, both in speed & memory requirements, that's precisely what advanced "game of life" algorigthms do. And if this universe is a simulation, it probably looks very much like a what we'd call at our...
  • Commented on CMAP #9: Ebooks
    As always, very interesting, but you keep saying this in one form or another: but readers see ebooks as being less valuable than physical objects because they consistently over-value the paper-and-ink You might have a point if you said...
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