• Commented on Worldcon in the news
    Popehat's new home:
  • Commented on A fistful of tropes
    Where does Scratch Monkey fit in all this? It's not mentioned above, though it seems to be a book that exists, as I can see it on my shelf....
  • Commented on The impotence of the long-distance trillionaire
    Now, not all companies that incorporate go on to grow to gigantic sizes. But none that fail to incorporate will ever be anything more than tiny little sole proprietorships. Furthermore, I suspect strongly that companies that didn't incorporate would...
  • Commented on Three Unexpectedly Good Things VR Will Probably Cause
    Hugh, do you know of any work being done in subtitling/closed captioning in VR? As most of the stuff being produced and most of the developers so far seem to be in the English-speaking world I assume this hasn't been...
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