• Commented on Lessons learned: writing really long fiction
  • Commented on Deaths and Deadlines
    Just wanted to say as a fan that I'm always amazed by your volume of output. Thanks for treating us to your work over the years, and take care of yourself. I'm looking forward to Invisible Sun and Ghost Engine...
  • Commented on Silence is ending (soon)
    Just wanted to say, of the authors that I follow, your dedication and rate of creation always amazes. On behalf of us fans, at least, I think no apology is owed! As Shigeru Miyamoto once said of video games "A...
  • Commented on In which I am crabby about viral archery videos.
    Can I idiotic quibble enough to say that kinetic energy is 1/2*MV^2? :)...
  • Commented on Some rambling thoughts on region restrictions
    You probably already realize this, but I think that most readers are not really going to care about these behind the scenes shenanigans. Fans of a particular author, who have a personal connection to them (such as, e.g., interacting with...
  • Commented on Spoiler Thread
    I thought it was an excellent story but that the ending was very emotionally unsatisfying. Bob's primary relationship ties in the book are to Mo and (as his father figure) Angleton, and these are both cut loose with no resolution....
  • Commented on Why AIs Won't Ascend in the Blink of an Eye - Some Math
    This concept, that intelligence 2 is the absolute best that intelligence 1 can ever create, strikes me not only as completely begging the question, but also an incredibly unconvincing mathematical model. If we look at the established history of technological...
  • Commented on Why AIs Won't Ascend in the Blink of an Eye - Some Math
    Are you sure this math is right? Suppose we define the total work required to reach intelligence level I as W(I). If we are currently at intelligence level I, we do work at a rate I; in time dt we...
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