• Commented on So ...
    I was pleased to see that one of the space ships in Hannu Rajaniemi's "The Causal Angel" was called the "Bob Howard"....
  • Commented on Heartbleed note
    Intel CPUs used to have a very useful on-chip HWRNG. ID Quantique make add-on hardware sources in card and USB formats. They actually use shot-noise from illuminated photodiodes as the noise source, because the expected behaviour is rather easily calculated...
  • Commented on Yet another bad idea
    Possibly because heartbleed is only an issue for https, and this is a http site....
  • Commented on Implications
    You can see the effect of latitude on the treeline very clearly in the New Zealand subantarctic. In the South Island, trees grow well up the mountains, certainly over 1,000m. In the Auckland Islands, a day by boat to the...
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