• Commented on The Ferguson Question
    @matt.giglia I do not think the police could "benefit from militarization". Considering that it would be modeled on the US military, an organization known for chopping off fingers of Afghans as trophies or raping 12 yr olds, murdering their families,...
  • Commented on Competition Time!
    The use of classified documents for "inspirational material" for writing stories is strictly prohibited....
  • Commented on Schroedinger's Kingdom: the Scottish Political Singularity Explained
    Am I the only one that's a little disturbed about a Cthulu Mythos author joking (at least I hope it's a joke) talking about world domination?...
  • Commented on The prospects of the Space and Freedom Party reconsidered in light of the crisis of 21st century capitalism
    Charlie, I've had some time to consider your Venus colonization idea, and I do not believe it to be viable for any amount of money. While I support space and extraplanetary colonization in general, Venus is a bad goal. Though...
  • Commented on Lighting up again
    Your constant and random switching between roman numerals and arabic numerals confuses and frightens me. Please write all numbers as pictographs of raised fingers on hands henceforth. PS There's probably a unicode character range for that, though I haven't looked...
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