• Commented on Quantum of Nightmares: spoiler time!
    I had a question about Rupert's marriage to Eve, and how that relates to the events at the end of Dead Lies Dreaming. If Eve is his wife under a system that gives women no property rights, how can she...
  • Commented on The Inevitable Brexit Thread (2)
    Greg occasionally says things that are at a slant with what I perceive as reality, but I don't think he's wrong about Corbyn's view of the EU from what I've seen over here in the US. A huge part of...
  • Commented on "I doubt me an it be commercial."
    Having found the Commonweal series by following Charlie's blog, I can dispense with saying that I enjoy them. Something that people do for the sheer enjoyment of other people reading them, though, are the online Let's Play and Choose Your...
  • Commented on That "Annihilation Score" spoiler thread you're all asking for
    I just got to Mo's new ride, shortly after the stirring words from the Senior Auditor about her new team's purpose, and I needed to pop in to say that you must have had so much fun writing this book....
  • Commented on Escape from the planet of the Ice Giants
    More evidence for the theory that a Strauss in Boston is a climatic event! Only need one more occasion to make it a trend. As for highest tax brackets cutting in early, I'm pretty sure that's by design of conservative...
  • Commented on Escape from the planet of the Ice Giants
    And voila, as you leave the weather finally peaks above 40f/5c and the rain begins to melt the snow here in Boston. Watch as the UK suddenly suffers unseasonably cold weather. As a point of reference, though... New York is...
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