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  • Commented on Playtime is over
    Here's where Rupert was at back in 2008 and his views on what Australians should do to move forward in the world, if you've got time to read the transcript or listen to Rupert himself.
  • Commented on Holding pattern (part N ...)
    @Hadil Benu CatinaDiamond is that you?...
  • Commented on The Scottish Political Singularity, Act Two
    Charlie, if electoral reform is on the cards do you think there'll be another push for a change in the voting system in the UK similar to 2011? as an Australia familiar ith preferential voting I don't quite understand why...
  • Commented on Inverted realities
    On cats as social parasites. What if someone works to develop a vaccine or treatment to make humans resistant to the cuteness of cats. Or maybe a treatment for toxoplasmosis, some sort of virus or counter parasite. This treatment or...
  • Commented on Inverted realities
    I forgot that part of the sucubus myth :-) it would fit, but I was thinking more of using humans as a vector for something else's reproductive material rather than the something being the vector for human reproductive material....
  • Commented on Inverted realities
    If no one has mentioned hookworms yet, best way to catch them is walk around the village latrine area barefoot, then it's in through your toe and eventually chewing on your intestines. Also Helminthic Therapy is apparently a thing, which...
  • Commented on Inverted realities
    This maybe more along the lines of sexy, rather than parasites, but I was thinking about orchids and wasps, don't know the species off the top of my head. Anyway, the premise is a species that appears sexy too another...
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