Fran Wilde

Fran Wilde

  • Posted Mendel Acquisition Squares : A Game of Futures to Charlie's Diary
    (With contributors Raq, Charlie, & Malka - see below) With Verizon's purchase of Yahoo!, young developers' thoughts turn to Flickr -- one of the long-lived and popular core acquisitions -- and we think longingly of the early days, back when...
  • Commented on Not-so-Invisible Ninjas
    Hugh Howey, Andy Weir, Amanda Hocking... some big-splash examples....
  • Commented on Not-so-Invisible Ninjas
    ... from @mrbelm on Twitter: Ahem. Elizabeth Hand....
  • Commented on Not-so-Invisible Ninjas
    @charlie - that looks like a really good one, now on my TBR as well...
  • Commented on Not-so-Invisible Ninjas
    DapperA - absolutely - this list was made to be added to!...
  • Posted Not-so-Invisible Ninjas to Charlie's Diary
    Or: Recent and Upcoming Debuts in Fantasy and Science Fiction... that just happen to be written by women. Charlie invited me to come by and join in the posts helping those who may not already be in the know to...
  • Commented on New guest blogger: Fran Wilde
    @ Dai Kiwi - I get that a lot, especially when I go to visit my sister and brother in law in the North Island... makes reserving a camper interesting. Could make a winning NZ2020 bid interesting too......
  • Posted Mine is an Evil Laugh to Charlie's Diary Test Bed
    Muahahaha. MUAHAHAHahaha. MuahahAHAHAHA....
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