• Commented on Tentative hypothesis
    You didn't happen to like the Essential PH-1 phone, did you? I love mine, but I'm still trying to figure out why that failed on the market (aside from Andy Rubin's scandals)....
  • Commented on Someone please sack the script-writers
    Microsoft has already been creating pretty good, and very deeply integrated Android apps: using your Windows device as a second screen for the phone, the Office suite, and a competitor to IFTTT whose name I've forgotten. Actually making an Android...
  • Commented on Sitrep
    Would you be happy to receive three "Equoid"-length Laundry novellas in a year, rather than a single "The Nightmare Stacks" (which is actually longer in word count)? Mostly, although the way TOR prices its hardcover novellas it ends up costing...
  • Commented on What can possibly go wrong?
    See also Connie Willis' book Remake - actors can only get jobs as mo-cap for classic stars whose estates license out their likenesses. Great satire turned all-too-real....
  • Commented on Laundry summer madness sale!
    *hoping The Delirium Brief is not about halucinogenic underwear*...
  • Commented on 2117 revisited
    Speaking in emoji has already been proposed by Greg Bear in Eon, where the society wears a device which holographically projects pictograms. And the Swype keyboard already proposes substituting an emoji of words that match the descriptions. You're stuck in...
  • Commented on Science-fictional shibboleths
    ... or manually controlled flying (usually through the above asteroid fields). Trek has been really bad about this, but it was always about the human superiority to the machine (Cmdr. Data the notable exception, but he wanted to be a...
  • Commented on A question about the future of the world wide web
    What I fear is that something like Mike Scott's suggestions come about, which is terrifyingly similar to ASCAP and the other copyright clearinghouses for music publishing, in which money comes from the delivery side of things, goes to the clearinghouses,...
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