• Commented on Playtime is over
    As a scientist (Nuclear magnetic resonance) I accept understanding is important; but understanding everything is not always necessary to approximate a solution to a problem. Climate change is the most important existential threat we face; saying 'Whoa there! Lets hold...
  • Commented on A purely theoretical dilemma
    Interesting question from OGH... The way I've unpacked it is thus :- Point 1. This is about what is rational to do in the face of an existential threat. Here we have both of the parties making a decision on...
  • Commented on 21st Century: a complaint
    I know someone on the script writing team, the second half of 21st Century(tm) is one long disaster movie. Has quite a slow build up; loads of kooky scientists start saying they have access to 'secret' information that there a...
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