• Commented on So you think you can be a reality TV producer
    Reading the description for Benefits Street has finally cured me of my long-lingering Anglophilia. Not even Boris Johnson completely eradicated it, but Channel Four just managed....
  • Commented on New Book Week!
    You're one of a handful of authors I can't wait a year to read in paperback. That said, is there any particular channel that pays you better than another? Does it matter to your bottom line whether I buy from...
  • Commented on Dark State: how to get signed copies!
    Will we see an ebook release along with hardback? So excited to read a cheerful optimistic version of my country's future.......
  • Commented on What can possibly go wrong?
    OGH @ 57: that is the single most depressing thing I've ever read from you. A colder war was positively uplifting by comparison....
  • Commented on Help Wanted at the Climate Policy Sausage Factory
    Hmmmm....regarding the dangers of lead acid batteries for home energy storage: Using a bank of deep cycle marine batteries is a pretty common way of storing power for people off the grid around my old neck of the woods. Hook...
  • Commented on Help Wanted at the Climate Policy Sausage Factory
    The biggest incentive for manufacturers in the US to make big trucks is actually the corporate average fuel economy regulations which are intended to force increases in gas mileage. How a vehicle is rated for those rules depends in large...
  • Commented on Confessions of a (half-assed) news avoider
    Interesting discussion. I spent 10+ years as a TV news producer. Video is in many ways a terrible medium for conveying information. It is an excellent medium for conveying emotion. There are days I think TV news should be outlawed...
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