Dr. Faustus

Dr. Faustus

  • Commented on Why I barely read SF these days
    "fondleslab." -- Thank you for this awesome coinage....
  • Commented on Book day!
    Countdown to binge-read: T-minus 10.5 hours. Thanks for creating such compelling and hilarious darkness. The neurons applaud....
  • Commented on Playtime is over
    Looking at a summary of Dugin's "Foundations," it seems that a large part of the goal is to foment chaos and confusion in the US. If I'm reading that right, then I suspect the next event (previous to 20 Jan)...
  • Commented on Playtime is over
    In short, for the last week I've had this uneasy feeling—nothing more than a hunch—that Russia wasn't just stirring up trouble in the US election, but that its efforts were actually part of a plan. Until reading your post and...
  • Commented on Constitutional crisis ahoy!
    You're hired, sir!...
  • Commented on Constitutional crisis ahoy!
    It seems like virtually everyone is experiencing some kind of puking, mewling regret about this vote. It sounds like you're taking seriously the possibility that the UK might not actually pull the trigger. Like the grown ups might step in...
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