• Commented on The End of the British nuclear deterrent?
    Charlie Stross #17: After all, are there any politically conceivable circumstances (prior to Trump) when the UK might have employed nuclear weapons without US cooperation? Apparently Margaret Thatcher threatened to use nuclear weapons on Buenos Aires, enough to get François...
  • Commented on Policy change: future US visits
    "There is a third way of calling an early UK election. And that's to repeal the Fixed Term Parliament Act first." Elections were previously called using the Queen's Prerogative but that power is now with Parliament, so explicit legislation might...
  • Commented on Empire Games sneak peek
    Charlie Stross #12: "there's an afterword in book 2, DARK STATE, that gives a potted history of ... the New British Empire and ... the New American Commonwealth" Elderly Cynic #13: "can't find it" Apparently Dark State follows Empire Games,...
  • Commented on Sad Trombone Exoplanet Reality Check
    Alpha particles aren't penetrating: flip side, they dump all their energy in the top couple of millimetres of the shield, which gets hot. This is not good. The atoms in the shield might also transmute (e.g. from aluminium to phosphorus),...
  • Commented on Constitutional crisis ahoy!
    The Countess' use of the blood of virgins as skin care represents added value... Does the grisly skin treatment made from baby foreskins count?...
  • Commented on Constitutional crisis ahoy!
    Marcus Ball is trying to crowd-source £100k for a private prosecution for offences including misconduct in public office and fraud, and for a judicial review of the referendum result. Looks like that page has been there since the start of...
  • Commented on Constitutional crisis ahoy!
    Perhaps she was trying to avoid leaving her fingerprints around, unlike the last home secretary reported drinking a glass of water....
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