• Commented on I can't keep up
    The Binding of the D above had me thinking about the Laundry and the implications of hash collisions for the apps that run their wards and basilisk cameras among other things, as well as much bigger issues. First order issues...
  • Commented on Busy busy busy
    I won't push on this because I expect you have some details to play with in the story, but I can think of all kinds of ways to build big from kilometer sized building blocks. And, of course, sincere we...
  • Commented on Busy busy busy
    So with what is in effect a single wormhole whose ends are sliding around space-time changing size, shape, and location at the Authorities control, you have to go back to a time-share control system like the old mainframes used. Giga-engineering...
  • Commented on What else can you do with a Big Dumb Booster?
    Long time lurker here, but decided to create an account to comment when something occurred to me. With regard to using a big gun to get raw material into orbit, you may not even need as much, or any, solid...
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