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    A friend build a house about 2003. He bought a 1970's GM 3/4 ton pickup for $1500 at the beginning, used it hard. Changed the oil on schedule, after the build was complete, sold the truck for $1500. Net cost...
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    Those light cavalry skills are still practised by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Demonstrated in "Sunset Ceremonies" by the famous Musical Ride. Just as impressive, and rather more currently useful is accurate pistol shooting from horseback....
  • Commented on Crying fire in a crowded theatre for pleasure and profit
    I worked for a while in a company that entered the web security business by acquiring an established company. The development shop for security was in Tel Aviv. Most of the developers had done their military service in intelligence -...
  • Commented on Crying fire in a crowded theatre for pleasure and profit
    The direct thought that comes to me is that you might use Rankine because you were handling the heating in BTUs. The other thought was my second year Chemistry (Chem. Eng.) prof, Dr. Burgess, who handed out problems in mixed...
  • Commented on Rejection Letter
    As I remember, what lead to the demise of the enhanced radiation warhead notion was a detailed discussion of just what happens if you detonate one over a concentration of say 100,000 enemy soldiers. About 10% are killed outright. The...
  • Commented on We get mail (contd.)
    North America has also seen a increase in the height of the standard mass market edition in recent years. A vintage 1982 North American Laurel paperback is 105x175mm, similar to Wikipedia's "A" size; a more recent mass-market Penguin is 115x190mm....
  • Commented on We get mail (contd.)
    One of the key failings in the Gimli Glider 767 incident was really bad technical writing: in the Air Canada fueling manual, a number greater than 1 was identified as the "specific gravity" of jet fuel. It was actually the...
  • Commented on The internet of decay
    My first read of this thread was while (slowly!) backing up my BlackBerry to a VM running Windows XP, because that's what the accessory software runs on, not anything later that I still have. The BlackBerry is a near orphan...
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